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Oracle IoT Cloud Apps Rollout in Mexico City

Albert Chiang
Director Product Marketing

After the official launch of Oracle IoT Cloud Apps at Modern Supply Chain Conference 2017, we received a stream of requests for information - from potential customers, system integrators, and device makers. Many of them did not know Oracle offered an IoT solution. And most of them did not know that Oracle offered IoT originally as a PaaS – and also now as a SaaS.  This intrigued them.


Mexico and Its Shift to High End Assembly & Manufacturing

So perhaps it wasn’t surprising that the Oracle IoT rollout in Mexico City was a standing room only event. IoT has gained the interest of manufacturers (sometimes also called Industry 4.0) to be able to track manufacturing output, monitor the status of machines in manufacturing, and predicatively call for maintenance.   With Mexico's strong manufacturing base,  the country has become the third largest source of imports into the U.S., with a total 2-way trade of $579 billion. And that number should change as BMW gears up to produce its popular 3-series car in Mexico by 2019.





Introducing the Three Oracle IoT Cloud Apps

Here is a brief description of the three Oracle Iot Apps: Oracle IoT Asset Monitoring Cloud provides real-time insights from connected assets to drive predictive maintenance, optimized SCM, and improved customer experiences. You have an ultrasound machine that is constantly being moved around? Use IoT Asset Monitoring to track its location.  Oracle IoT Production Monitoring Cloud enables manufactures to adopt Industry 4.0 principles easily with best-in-class production monitoring for factory, product, and machine. Is production yield lower than expected?  You can track real time yield by site, by machine, and by product line. Oracle IoT Fleet Monitoring Cloud gives the predictive power of IoT to know when any connected vehicle needs service, adjust logistics operations, and avoid downtime.


Feeding Real Time Visibility into Supply Chain Management Cloud

The beauty of these IoT Cloud apps is that they have a direct and proven connection path to Oracle Supply Chain Management Cloud. You want to link real time asset up-time data from Oracle IoT Asset Monitoring Cloud to Oracle Maintenance Cloud? Click a button. You want to connect real time factory yield data from Oracle IoT Production Monitoring Cloud to Oracle Manufacturing Cloud? Click another button.  How about tracking real time delivery ETA into Oracle Logistic Cloud? Yup, another click.



Real Time Business Insights Don’t Stop at SCM: CX, ERP, HCM, EPM

But the feed of IoT data  doesn't stop at SCM. Oracle IoT Cloud apps can easily be connected to Customer Experience Cloud Suite, Human Capital Management, Enterprise Resource Management, and Enterprise Performance Management.  Think of all of the business transformation that can happen with real time data in all of these siloes – customer sentiment demand forecasting, employee motivation management, feedback driven development, business asset performance analysis.


Making IoT Easy & Useful To Adopt

The three Oracle IoT Cloud SaaS applications allows business to easily tap into the power of IoT for immediate business usage – instead of just focusing on the technology. The Oracle IoT Cloud also connects easily with Oracle SCM Cloud with a few clicks of the button – giving your supply chain apps real time insights. With its clear focus on making IoT easy to connect and adopt, Oracle will enable enterprises to transform their business immediately.  For more information, please visit https://cloud.oracle.com/iot-apps.

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