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Oracle customer Alcar Ruote SA wins Supply & Demand Chain Executive’s 2021 Top Supply Chain Projects Award

Michael Richter
Senior Director Product Marketing

We are thrilled to congratulate our customer Alcar Ruote SA for its selection as a winner of leading supply chain publication Supply & Demand Chain Executive’s (SDCE’s) 2021 Top Supply Chain Projects Award.

The Top Supply Chain Projects Award spotlights successful transformation projects that deliver bottom-line value to enterprises across a range of supply chain functions. According to SDCE, these projects show how supply chain solution and service providers help their customers and clients achieve supply chain excellence and prepare their supply chains for success.

Based in Manno, Switzerland, Alcar Ruote SA is the steel wheels manufacturer of the Alcar Group, an internationally active industrial and commercial group with a strategic focus on production and distribution of steel and alloy wheels. Here’s a sneak peek into their award-winning story:

Alcar Ruote’s challenge

Alcar Ruote’s mission is to design, develop, manufacture, and distribute steel wheels for passenger cars and light trucks, in order to provide the global aftermarket with OEM-quality steel wheels. Alcar Ruote’s wheels are mainly used as a second set during wintertime, when drivers need to mount winter tires. As a result, the ability to forecast the future demand of the automotive market and the associated supply chain planning are key success factors for Alcar Ruote’s business model.

Alcar Ruote is a full range supplier that aims to have its products fit on all major car models, meaning that guaranteeing “just-in-time” supply to its customers via a flexible production model is key. The company has streamlined its production to enable small production lots, quick changeover of tooling, and production-in-line.

Since Alcar Ruote needs to be as flexible as possible, simplifying the workflows with trading partners and mobile employees is essential for the company. Additionally, Switzerland is a country with some of the highest labor costs globally, and one of Alcar Ruote’s goals is to maintain a highly motivated and flexible workforce

As Alcar Ruote’s on-premises applications started to reach their limits, the company decided to move to a cloud alternative for several reasons: no hardware to maintain or upgrade, built-in security controls, and the ease of integration.

Migrating to the cloud to enhance planning and order management

The primary objective for Alcar Ruote’s cloud migration project was to build more flexible and effective planning and order management processes.

In the first phase of the project, Alcar Ruote implemented Oracle Fusion Cloud Supply Chain & Manufacturing (Oracle Cloud SCM) to enhance supply chain operations, improve planning and execution across the entire business, and deliver a better customer experience. Alcar Ruote then integrated Oracle Cloud SCM with Oracle Fusion Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning (Oracle Cloud ERP) to reduce costs, sharpen forecasts, and innovate further. By moving to Oracle Cloud, Alcar Ruote planned to streamline management of its planning, procurement, manufacturing, and distribution processes, in addition to enhancing visibility across those operations.

Core to Alcar Ruote’s Oracle Cloud SCM implementation was Oracle Order Management and Oracle Planning Central. These solutions automate order-to-fill processes and simplify information sharing with Alcar Ruote’s trading partners, as well as with mobile employees so they can quickly process forecasts, orders, and shipments from the factory floor. With Oracle, Alcar Ruote has reduced cost of ownership of its planning and order management solutions by 35%. And through Oracle Order Management, Alcar Ruote is able to automatically create sales orders for 80% of its deliveries.

Advanced technologies provide maximum flexibility

Alcar Ruote also implemented Oracle Cloud IoT Intelligent Applications, starting with a pilot line for wheel rims. Because the Oracle solutions are highly user-friendly and intuitive, Alcar Ruote implemented and integrated Oracle IoT Production Monitoring with Oracle Maintenance and Oracle Manufacturing within weeks – which is significant, since implementation projects typically take months.

Alcar Ruote can now transmit and receive data in real time, regardless of the type of device or data – which is a key cloud capability that isn’t available with on-premises solutions. With the Oracle IoT solutions capturing, computing, and reacting to data in real-time, Alcar Ruote can operate with maximum flexibility when something changes. For example, through the automation capabilities delivered by Oracle IoT Production Monitoring, Alcar Ruote is able to detect and analyze machine incidents 55% faster than before.

Alcar Ruote’s Oracle implementation was so successful that the company now uses Oracle’s IoT applications across its manufacturing processes, and has also started to layer machine learning and AI features to anticipate future issues with its machines – as well as reduce ongoing maintenance costs.

A steadfast commitment to innovation

Through Oracle Cloud, Alcar Ruote’s cloud migration project has been a resounding success, enabling the company to streamline processes, reduce costs, and exceed its customers’ expectations for state-of-the-art wheels. And we couldn’t be more proud of Alcar Ruote for Supply & Demand Chain Executive’s recognition of the company’s ongoing commitment to cloud-based innovation.

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