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May 26 Webcast on Integrated Business Planning and Execution

John Klinke
Director, Oracle Industry Strategy Group
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Optimizing sales and operations planning (S&OP) is an important business process for manufacturing companies. It allows organizations to more quickly adapt to unexpected supply and demand events, and thanks to advanced technologies like AI-assisted analytics and IoT sensor data, manufacturing companies now have all the components needed to better integrate their end-to-end planning with operations execution.

Oracle is a leader in enterprise performance management and supply chain management and has been investing heavily in Integrated Business Planning (IBP).  Our comprehensive solution, Oracle Integrated Business Planning and Execution (IBPX), provides advanced, end-to-end planning and analytics capabilities so manufacturing companies can better define, plan and achieve their business performance objectives.

Oracle has helped many manufacturing companies to: 

  • Integrate planning and execution to eliminate business latency and allow for smarter decision making
  • Consolidate sales, operations, financial and supply chain planning into a single, centralized hub
  • Improve visibility across your organization to quickly gain real-time business insights and conduct more accurate planning and forecasting

Please join us for our upcoming live webcast on IBPX on May 26. You'll hear about real-world IBPX case studies where companies have been able to quickly react to manufacturing disruptions and adapt their business planning to optimize results. Register for this webcast and learn how Oracle IBPX can help you transform your business.