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Is there 'Pink Slime' in your Supply Chain? Yuck or Holy Cow!

March 12, 2012 By: Stephen Slade

For those interested in school lunch programs or frequent fast food establishments, you may not be getting 'it your way'. The media reports last week that investigators found traces of ammonia in ground hamburger meat. Why? prevent e.coli! Well that’s good to know!

Further investigation found a 6% content of 'pink-slime', or more professionally known as lean finely textured beef (LFTB), a by-product of the slaughter process in the ground meat examined. LFTB tested positive for salmonella at a rate 4x higher than pure ground beef according to studies from 2005-2009. As meat processors look for ways to cut cost, using least-cost formulation calculations, certain ingredients enter the food chain that may not be welcomed by the uninformed end consumer. Well don't ask what's in the sausage either.

Like lead paint in children's toys, manufacturers and suppliers need to be alerted to the materials entering the food chain or the supply chain. Consumers have a right to know what they are buying or digesting. Eventually it will come out as transparancy reveals the facts. Changes are taking place already as a few popular fastfood establishments are updating their food ingredients. I'm going to ask the server next time, if 'pink slime' is in my burger. Better yet, I'll have the fish!.

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