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How SMEs Can Win with Supply Chain Management

Terri Hiskey
Director, Product Marketing

Small and midsize businesses have traditionally been slower at adopting supply chain management solutions, simply because the barriers to entry were not ideal for smaller companies. The cost was too high, the implementation time too long, and the functionality offered was simply more than what they needed. Many of these companies run on a bare bones budget, and don't have the IT resources available to support complex, enterprise applications with complicated integrations. But times they are a'changing with new Oracle cloud-based supply chain solutions that are now available.

In a recent article in Industry Week, "How SMEs Can Win with Supply Chain Management Systems," the author writes "While daily business life is, even in SMEs, increasingly global, complex and fast paced, with information flowing into a company from various directions, the human being can only handle a limited amount of data. Even a very small company can have thousands of products and hundreds of customers and several suppliers that must be managed daily or weekly. SCM systems offer huge process, customer satisfaction and direct cost reduction potential for SMEs. Without proper SCM strategy, action plan and processes, SMEs will lose business to competitors who have already implemented SCM."

Small and midsize companies can now take advantage of Oracle's end-to-end supply chain suite that offers solutions to manage logistics, procurement, order management, manufacturing, planning and innovation--all in the cloud. To small and midsize companies, this means they can now leverage enterprise-level solutions without having to worry about having to invest in a costly IT infrastructure to support them. No more worry about cobbling together integrations for point solutions--they can easily connect process to process within the Oracle Cloud SCM suite. To find out more about Oracle SCM Cloud solutions, visit www.oracle.com/scm or cloud.oracle.com/scm.


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