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Great Hindsight, Nasdaq Fails on FB IPO, Will Your Supply Chain Pass a Stress Test?

May 22, 2012 By: Stephen Slade

As the Nasdaq licks is wounds from Friday’s half billion+ share day for the Facebook IPO, Wall Street said the decision to move forward was based on incorrect information (1) . Even though the system was tested several times to handle the massive volume, some report 30x over-subscribed, the system failed. With orders in limbo for hours, share buyers placed and cancelled orders without acknowledgement. Some verification came hours later, many trades were lost to a ‘black-hole’ .. Not the way to run a major exchange.

Our supply chains are similarly vulnerable. If your sales spike from a promotion or demand plummets dramatically, are our supply chains strong enough to absorb the load. Have you stressed tested them recently? Do you have a war-plan setup with your suppliers?

Don’t be caught short!. Have your IT experts and planning staffs run some hi/lo volume scripts and see what it takes to break the system before your customers do

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