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Facebook, Disruptive Technologies...Welcome to the New Age of Business!

May 18, 2012 By: Stephen Slade

Facebook IPO opens in a few minutes at $38/share. It's a $100B market cap, 5 years ago it was unheard of. With almost a Billion FB users, the concept can’t be ignored. Just about every teenager and 20-30 something are using these social technologies and it will become the pathway for futures business platforms as the younger generations move into management ranks and develop business platforms for more effectively running their personal supply chain. Social media will connect people to products more effectively in the future (CRM-to-SCM via mobile)

My point is: To what extent are we adopting these disruptive technologies? Are we looking at mobile and iPad for the daily business user? …or are they perpetually strapped to their desktop? Will new predictive analytical platforms like Endeca, that links both structured and unstructured data that detects trends, ..will BI be the framework for better decision-making? One TV announcer said he had an app to detect stock movement based on the number of either positive or negative tweets on a stock before the movement took place. Time will tell.

Some people snicker at the young people of today in hoodies and t-shirts developing these creative ideas. In a mature view, we look past the non-traditional response and use this behavior as a catalyst to stop and listen to what the technology has to offer and how we can embrace it in a 'Steve-Jobs' type of altered reality perspective. In a few moments we will see when the bell rings and the FB stock initiates trades.

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