PeopleSoft 9.2 Supply Chain Management Training – Now Available

Who Should Consider Training?

The PeopleSoft 9.2 Supply Chain Management training is primarily intended for implementation project team members. Training is geared towards team members involved in new implementations, as well as new team members for existing implementations. For customers who are upgrading to Release 9.2 from a previous version of the product, the 'PeopleSoft Supply Chain Solutions 9.2 New Features' course is recommended.

The primary candidates for implementation training are configuration or functional implementers.  Ideally configuration implementers are dedicated business users who will manage the implementation project for a specific application. These dedicated business users need to understand the business requirements associated with setting-up the application. Other project team members that should consider training include: super users, business analysts, reporting specialists, and administrators.  

Implementation consultants, who are often employed by Oracle partners that provide implementation services, are also prime candidates for training.

When Should You Receive Training?

Project team training is critical at the start of a new implementation, including configuration training on the core application modules being implemented.   Early project team training is recommended to begin the process of aligning the expertise within your company, as well as with that of any consultants that may be assisting you.  One of the goals is to understand the functionality most relevant to complete your end-to-end business processes.  Other goals are to identify any additional development work that may be necessary to customize your applications and to ensure integration between different modules within the overall business process.

As for new team members, ideally they should be trained right away to help bring them up to speed so that they can start performing their job efficiently and effectively.

What will Training Help You Do?

Training can provide you with the skills and knowledge needed to ensure a smooth, rapid and successful implementation of your PeopleSoft applications in support of your organization’s financial management processes. This includes step-by-step instruction for implementing, using, and maintaining your applications. Training will also better help you understand the application and configuration options so that you can make improved decisions during implementation.

What Training is Available?

Courses are now available for most PeopleSoft Supply Chain Management applications.  Accelerated courses, which combine content from two courses, are also available for more experienced team members. Available courses include:


New Features and Delta Courses
PeopleSoft Supply Chain Solutions Rel 9.2 New Features


Primary Functional Training
PeopleSoft Purchasing Rel 9.2
PeopleSoft eProcurement Rel 9.2
PeopleSoft Inventory Rel 9.2

Accelerated Courses
PeopleSoft Purchasing / Inventory Accelerated Rel 9.2
PeopleSoft Purchasing / eProcurement Accelerated Rel 9.2


Where Can I Learn More?

-  See all of the available PeopleSoft 9.2 Supply Chain Management training

-  You can also watch a short video that provides an overview of the available PeopleSoft training.



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