Tuesday Apr 19, 2016

Essentials of Oracle PLM for Retailers

With new competitors, trends, regulations, business models, markets and technologies, rapid change defines your industry. Disconnected systems cannot support how fast your retail organization needs to anticipate, respond, and adapt to new product-and service-related challenges.

Oracle PLM gives you an integrated innovation platform with the speed, oversight, and control to deliver higher quality products to market sooner. By enabling modern PLM processes for retail, you can achieve faster growth, competitive differentiation, and profitability. 

Here's a quick overview of the Essentials of Oracle PLM for Retailers:

  • Private Label Management
    Managing the innovation and commercialization of your own product lines as a retailer is no easy task. Oracle PLM provides a single version of the truth for product information, giving you greater control over costs, quality, compliance...
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Wednesday Apr 06, 2016

Select the Best Product Innovations: Bi-weekly Live Webinars

Fact: 60-80% of resources are spent on projects that will not meet objectives – a high cost for companies constrained by resources and budgets that are relying on innovation for growth.

Do your current tools give you visibility to improve success rates and achieve higher return?

Please join us for a comprehensive webcast into how Oracle Innovation Management Cloud can give you better visibility into the likelihood of success or failure of a new product and empower you with the insight to prioritize and invest in the best ideas.

See how this solution will help you gain a high value, low risk, best practice approach to very quickly improve innovation performance and impact top-line revenue growth.

Please register here for the upcoming Innovation Management Webinars “How to Select the Best Product Innovations”

- 4/8/2016 @ 12 PM EST

- 4/22/2016 @ 12 PM EST

- 5/6/2016 @ 12 PM EST 

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Source: *Harvard Business Review, 2011

Friday Mar 18, 2016

How to Prioritize the Right IT Projects: Bi-Weekly Live Webinars

IT Organizations are under a lot of pressure to get more strategic:

  • 60% of CIOs say they want their IT organizations to focus on assisting in business innovation*

  • 90% of CEOs are promising investors more from technology** but only

  • 20% are satisfied with how quickly their IT departments respond***.

Do your current tools give you transparency with the business to align priorities and focus on higher value projects? Do you have visibility to balance IT portfolio with budgetary constraints?

Please join us for a comprehensive webcast into how Oracle Innovation Management Cloud can give you better visibility into the likelihood of success or failure of a new project and transparency with the business to collaboratively choose the best, high-value projects that are achievable within IT’s budgetary and workload constraints?

See how this solution will help you gain a high value, low risk, best practice approach to very quickly improve IT performance and impact top-line revenue growth.

Please register here  for our Innovation Management Webinar “IT Project Prioritization”:

- 3/18/2016 @ 12 PM EST

- 4/1/2016 @ 12 PM EST

- 4/15/2016 @ 12 PM EST

- 4/29/2016 @ 12 PM EST

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* Deloitte 2015 Global CIO Survey

** PwC 19th Annual Global CEO Survey, 2016

*** Harvard Business Review, 2014

Thursday Mar 17, 2016

Aberdeen on Innovation Management: How Leaders Outperform their Peers

Recently, Aberdeen examined the results from over 600 respondents to uncover how innovation leaders compare to their peers, and the insights were pretty stunning.  According to the report, best-in-class innovators meet over 90% of their cost, launch dates, revenue and quality targets.  Best-in-class innovators are 94% more likely to monitor social media to solicit customer feedback, 45% more likely to have a standardized process for customer input, and 35% more likely to allow customers to rank portfolio ideas. And much more...

Read the Aberdeen Report on Innovation Management: How Leaders Outperform their Peers and see how your organization could benefit from the insights contained here.  You'll read Aberdeen's conclusions on why it's important to improve the ability to pick a mix of offerings that best address customer demands AND company fit, how to start optimizing your portfolio for market potential and overall corporate goals, and what steps to take to improve return on innovation investments. Read it today and share with your colleagues.

Kerrie Jordan is Director, PLM Product Marketing. Follow her @KerJordan, learn more about IM at oracle.com/innovationmanagement and more on Oracle SCM solutions in general at oracle.com/scm.

Monday Mar 07, 2016

Innovation Management: Practical Tips for Successful Product Development

Get started on your journey to consistent innovation success with practical advice on how you can improve every step of the product innovation and development process.

Practical tips for successful innovation

In our previous blog we looked at how to improve product innovation and development by bringing structure to disconnected processes and supporting the management of the process flow with digital tools.

Management methodologies and digital tools sound great in theory, but what does this new kind of innovation management look like in practice? Let’s take it out of the classroom and into reality with a step-by-step tour of the product innovation and development process and some practical tips to get you started.[Read More]

Monday Feb 29, 2016

The Secrets of Consistent Innovation Success

Digital tools help bring structure and control to complex, dispersed product innovation and development processes – but what exactly does that mean for your ability to get innovative ideas to market quickly and profitably?

Why is innovation so difficult?

Continuous innovation is the key to sustainable business growth. But delivering innovative products and services quickly, consistently, and profitably is easier said than done.

One of the main reasons so many new products and services fail to get to market—or fall short of expectations when they do—is that there’s no structured process for moving innovations through the development process.

Unless product innovation and product development processes are closely linked by an integrated, structured flow, it can be difficult to bring ideas to market. Even capturing and selecting the best ideas in the first place can be tough when there’s no central repository of innovation and development data. Making informed decisions about which products and services to invest in isn’t easy if there’s no single source of trusted information.

The best innovators use digital tools to help them structure the product innovation and development process, with everything connected and supported by continuous analysis of all the available data. In this way, they can get innovative products to market successfully and ensure the entire portfolio is aligned with corporate strategy and market demands.

And tools don’t just help support a structured approach and improve the process flow. They can bring a wide range of other advantages, too.

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Tuesday Feb 09, 2016

How to Close the Innovation Gap

When you hear the word “innovation” it is likely that what first comes to mind is a new ground breaking technology.   The reality is that there are many types of innovation and the inspiration for those innovations can come from many sources. Incremental innovation, most common, improves a current offering; process innovation improves how you produce or deliver a product; service & business model innovation improves customer interaction & experience; frugal innovation delivers more with less –targeting lower cost offerings typically to emerging markets, and the most publicized type of innovation, radical, breakthrough, disruptive innovation which significantly changes what the market and customer expects.

With so much input, filling the innovation funnel with ideas isn’t a problem for most companies– feeding the funnel with a balanced and steady stream of good ideas that are both achievable AND align with product, business and company strategies presents the greatest challenge. Lacking a collaborative, disciplined, systematic approach to selecting the best ideas that are translated into achievable, profitable offerings continues to challenge even the most notable companies.

Therein lays the greatest challenge to closing the ‘innovation gap’ – the gap that exists between what executives establish as strategy and expect versus what their organizations deliver.

In the following article published by Techzone360, Gayle Hayes, Senior Director of Product Strategy and Julia Vagdati, PLM Product Marketing Lead, discuss the strategies to close the Innovation gap, increase ROI and drive profitable growth in your organization. Click here to read the full article.

Monday Jan 25, 2016

Managing Innovation as a Business - Is ‘Concepts Portfolio’ the middle ground between creativity and finance?

As the average corporate life span reduces, innovation becomes vital to survival and growth. Most corporate boards want to get this right, but only 20% of CEOs believe that the investments made in innovation are paying off*. A few questions come to mind when thinking about increasing the return on investment:

a) What exactly does Innovation, especially from market offer perspective, mean? Is it only about new disruptive products/services or about regular iterations to current products/services as well?

b) Can I simply not appoint an innovation team to scan the market for the latest technologies to develop new products/services and I will be done?

c) Can I really manage innovation i.e. operationalize innovation, and make it pervasive throughout the organisation for regular and more predictable output?

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Friday Jan 15, 2016

Innovation has Never Been More Complex; or Rewarding

In the past, innovative businesses had it easy. The pace of change was much slower and first mover advantage was, as a result, more important. Not so today. Let’s face it: even with patent protection, products are largely becoming commoditized. If a brand launches a cool new product it’s now just a matter of months before competitors are able to launch similar products. Globalization and technology innovation is, by and large, commoditizing consumer products.

Brands are reacting to this change by innovating in a different way; namely: through business model and service innovation. Today products are less important in delivering value to businesses; it’s the service wraps and ancillary revenues that count.

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Tuesday Jan 05, 2016

What to expect in the biggest PLM event of the year at the Modern Supply Chain Experience 2016

The biggest PLM event of the year is almost here! Come January 25-28, 2016 we'll be celebrating our 4th annual Modern Supply Chain Experience (previously Value Chain Summit), in San Jose, CA with over 2,000 PLM and Supply Chain leaders, partners, experts and students.

We have so many reasons to be excited this year about the Modern Supply Chain Experience. Watch this short video on the Top 5 PLM reasons to attend the event, for the rest 100 reasons, please keep reading:

Knock-out keynote speakers

Don’t miss your chance to hear.......

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Tuesday Dec 08, 2015

Top 5 PLM Reasons to Attend Modern Supply Chain Experience 2016

The Modern Supply Chain Experience is the most important event of the year for users of Oracle's Supply Chain Management applications, including Product Lifecycle Management.  To see why this event is more popular than any other for PLM users, watch this short video to see the top 5 PLM reasons to attend in 2016.  

Register today at www.modernsupplychainexperience.com!

Kerrie Jordan is Director, PLM Product Marketing at Oracle.  Follow her on Twitter @KerJordan. Learn more at www.oracle.com/plm.

Wednesday Oct 14, 2015

Oracle PLM Cloud: Innovate, Develop, Commercialize [Video]

Remarkably,  a recent survey showed that 90% of companies’ products are slow to market and often over budget. 84% of business leaders reported no time to make sure they are investing in the right product ideas in the first place. The pressure is on. You need to develop and deliver successful, profitable products on time.

Watch this video to see how the new Oracle PLM Cloud solution can help you innovate, develop and commercialize profitable products fast. It’s designed to speed time to market, lower costs, and give you the insight you need to invest in the right opportunities for your business.

Click here to watch the two-minute video.

To learn more about Oracle Product Lifecycle Management applications, please visit www.oracle.com/plm

Friday Sep 18, 2015

Innovation Management Cloud Reception in LA

If you are in the LA area and want to learn how to translate ideas into a winning portfolio of innovations, be sure to attend this evening reception. Attendees will learn how a systematic approach to capture, select, and invest in the right ideas can increase their return on innovation.

Date: September 24, 2015

Time: 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Location: WEST Restaurant and Lounge, Los Angeles


To learn more about Oracle Supply Chain Management applications visit www.oracle.com/scm

Thursday Jul 30, 2015

The 6 P's of Effective Commercialization: Webcast feat. Mary Kay

In the crowded consumer goods industry, innovation is a necessity. Unfortunately, many companies are struggling to commercialize their new product initiatives effectively.

In fact, 80% of new products fail to meet expected performance levels. We've broken down the most important elements to improve your odds, in what we call the 6 P's of Effective Commercialization:

#1.  Proposals

New product ideas are just the beginning, but you have to get them off to the right start.  Establish a traceable, systematized approach to capture, develop, prioritize and generate new product ideas.

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Tuesday Jul 14, 2015

Event: Translating Innovation into Profit

As innovation continues to top the corporate priority list, executives have been setting their innovation goals and financial expectations. Now organizations must evaluate whether current processes can deliver the high quality proposals needed to meet corporate targets. Register today to learn more:

Date: July 23, 2015

Time: 4:00 – 6:30 pm CST

Location: Chicago, IL

Register Here


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