Monday Apr 25, 2016

Industry Disruption! Is Your Supply Chain Ready?

Oracle Industry Connect

Earlier in April, Oracle executives hosted Oracle Industry Connect, a conference where industry peers shared modern best practices, deep-domain expertise and insights about mission-critical applications that are core to the success of their business. Leaders from communications, education and research, energy and utilities, engineering and construction, financial services, healthcare, hospitality, life sciences, project intensive and retail industries attended to learn how best to solve large, complex business problems and explore engaging thought leadership.

Disruption and Cloud - The Big Themes

At the conference, disruption was a big theme, as was cloud computing's ability to help companies stay agile. Cloud computing provides a modern platform for companies to leverage in order to react to industry disruption. Cloud computing can help a retailer orchestrate orders from a highly distributed omini-channel experience or help a manufacturing company change product pricing dynamically or instantly find alternative products to substitute or even provide value added services tied to your Order to Cash or Plan to Produce business processes. Having a modern, agile cloud computing platform allows you to achieve profitable production planning, order fulfillment and supply chain execution to meet your customers’ demands.

Click here to learn more about what's disrupting industries, and get advice from smart leaders, including Oracle's own experts, on how to stay nimble.

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Friday Apr 22, 2016

IoT Will Drive Revolutionary Change in Manufacturing Companies

This week, Andrew Hughes of LNS Research authored an interesting blog that included the chart below, which was produced as part of a "Metrics that Matter" survey. This survey is supported by industry group MESA, and is being executed by LNS Research. The interesting thing about this (as noted in Andrew's blog), is the fact that there is positive interest in implementing plant analytics as well as operations and manufacturing intelligence capabilities.

Hughes writes that "Analytics is the technology that most drives the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) because they will bring real applications with measurable benefit early. Manufacturing executives are looking for quick wins from their investments in new digital technologies and analytics is the field in which the easiest gains can be made. companies that are interested in Digital Transformation should be looking at plant level analytics and bring those together with the Big Data Analytics capabilities across the enterprise to demonstrate that the IoT will drive revolutionary change in manufacturing companies."

Has your organization started on the path to revolutionizing manufacturing with IoT? We'd love to hear about it in the comments section below!

Read our article: Industry 4.0 is Key to Modernize Business and Increase Competitiveness and download the Oracle-sponsored ”The Manufacturer” study about Industry 4.0 adoption.

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Friday Apr 15, 2016

Accelerating Toward Industry 4.0 - Automakers in the Fast Lane

Having explained what Industry 4.0 means for the supply chain in his earlier blog, Lionel Albert, EMEA Manufacturing and Supply Chain Cloud Director at Oracle, takes a look at a few of the futuristic manufacturing techniques being adopted by some industries today and explains how they can be applied to other fields.[Read More]

Wednesday Apr 13, 2016


Oracle Supply Chain Management Named Top 100 Logistics IT Provider

Congratulations to the entire Oracle Supply Chain Management team on being selected by Inbound Logistics as a Top 100 Logistics IT Provider for 2016. Oracle was selected by the editorial staff from over 300 applicants. This award continues to show Oracle’s commitment to building and developing best-in-class supply chain applications for our customers and demonstrates that Oracle’s logistics technology solutions are a best fit for their readers. Look for our listing in the upcoming April Issue of Inbound Logistics.

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Friday Apr 01, 2016

Telogis Improves Orders with Oracle Order Management Cloud

Telogis is a cloud-based Mobile Enterprise Management (MEM) software platform provider that enables companies to connect, optimize and automate vehicles, people and the work that’s being done outside the four walls.

This latest video showcases how they are using Oracle Order Management Cloud within their ERP Financials Cloud to optimize their order entry and auditing processes. Click here to watch the video.

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Wednesday Mar 23, 2016

Digital – Not Just for CFOs. The Digital Supply Chain is Here!

I recently read an article by Chris Schmidt in CFO Magazine  regarding the digital CFO and it made me think about supply chain leaders. The article was focused on how IT is reshaping the role of the Chief Financial Officer. IT is also reshaping the role of supply chain practitioners and I would argue that at an even greater rate due to all the operations supply chain experts touch.

Even though excel spreadsheets still run a large portion of supply chain operations, the digital transformation is upon us. Key technology enablers like Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud are changing the way you run your day to day operations. It’s not a question of if these enablers will impact you but when and supply chain experts ought to be prepared.

As supply chain experts, it is in our best interest to stay current on the latest technology trends. In the CFO Magazine survey:
•    50% of respondents expressed that the usability gap between consumer technology and finance technology is expected to be closed in 3 to 5 years. Is your supply chain ready for a similar shift?
•    Also interesting in the survey was that over 75% of respondents indicated they are either early adopters (20%) or staying current (56%) with modern digital technology vs. only 69% or respondents five years ago.

What does this mean to supply chain? It is important to remain current and understand the technology shift that is shaping the way supply chain operations are executed.  Remaining up to date on these technology trends is imperative, otherwise you may be opening up your company to risk or even worse, losing the competitive advantage your supply chain provides for your organization.

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Wednesday Mar 16, 2016

Oil Price Volatility and the Changing Dynamics of Supply Chain Management

A fast-changing oil price is making it harder than ever for businesses to plan for their supply chains

It seems like only yesterday that the price of oil was well over $100 a barrel and experts were telling us to get used to a new normal of expensive fuel. Today, courtesy of the shale gas revolution in the US, OPEC policies and the re-introduction of Iran to the market, the price stands at around $30 per barrel and all indications are that it will fall further over the course of the year.

This news is causing turmoil in the money markets. And it is also causing headaches for supply chain managers at global businesses. Indeed, it’s fair to say that oil price volatility is changing the entire dynamic of supply chain planning and execution.

The reason that oil price volatility is of such concern to businesses is that it hinders their ability to make long- and short-term planning decisions. These decisions include the strategic planning of physical distribution networks (usually long-term, strategic changes that are only reviewed every 5-15 years); transportation and supplier sourcing (usually reviewed every 2-5 years); and operational changes with regards to the mode of transport used in supply chains (these are more operational considerations and can be changed from week to week, or even order to order, based on the market costs at the time).

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Tuesday Mar 15, 2016

Webcast: Modern High Tech Supply Chain Management in the Cloud

Whether you are in Semicon, OEM, Outsource Manufacturing, Distribution, or Software, you’ll come away from this webcast with an understanding of how your organization can benefit from new ways to run your supply chain more efficiently in the cloud.

Join Oracle Supply Chain leaders on Thursday, March 17 at 12:00 p.m. PT / 3:00 p.m. ET to learn how to:

- Achieve global, real-time product collaboration
- Seamlessly integrate your end to end processes with your contract manufacturer
- Analyze forecast and supply chain plan recommendations and prioritize actions

Register for the webcast

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Monday Mar 14, 2016

Webcast: Modern CPG Supply Chain Management in the Cloud

Join Oracle Supply Chain leaders for a webcast on Thursday, March 17 at 10:00 a.m. PT / 1:00 p.m. ET to learn how to improve the success of new product introductions, increase agility and efficiency of your supply chain and gain early insights to results with analytics.

Whether your role includes brand marketing, trade management or operations and distribution, you’ll come away from this webcast with an understanding of how your organization can benefit from new ways to manage demand planning, supply planning, and global order promising to run your supply chain more efficiently in the cloud.

Learn how Oracle’s modern Supply Chain Management Cloud can help you:
- Capture, collaborate on, and commercialize ideas
- Achieve integrated multi-channel order capture and fulfillment
- Analyze forecast and supply chain plan recommendations and prioritize actions

Register for the webcast.

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Modern Supply Chain Event in Munich April 19 - 20

The Central European Modern Supply Chain Experience is taking place in Munich during April 19 – 20. This jam-packed 2 day event will be held at the MOC Veranstaltungscenter.

Attend and learn about supply chain best practices and latest trends, as well as the latest Oracle SCM Cloud offerings. There is NO COST to attend but space is limited. 

Click here for full conference and agenda details.

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Monday Mar 07, 2016

How SMEs Can Win with Supply Chain Management

Small and midsize businesses have traditionally been slower at adopting supply chain management solutions, simply because the barriers to entry were not ideal for smaller companies. The cost was too high, the implementation time too long, and the functionality offered was simply more than what they needed. Many of these companies run on a bare bones budget, and don't have the IT resources available to support complex, enterprise applications with complicated integrations. But times they are a'changing with new Oracle cloud-based supply chain solutions that are now available.

In a recent article in Industry Week, "How SMEs Can Win with Supply Chain Management Systems," the author writes "While daily business life is, even in SMEs, increasingly global, complex and fast paced, with information flowing into a company from various directions, the human being can only handle a limited amount of data. Even a very small company can have thousands of products and hundreds of customers and several suppliers that must be managed daily or weekly.  SCM systems offer huge process, customer satisfaction and direct cost reduction potential for SMEs. Without proper SCM strategy, action plan and processes, SMEs will lose business to competitors who have already implemented SCM."

Small and midsize companies can now take advantage of Oracle's end-to-end supply chain suite that offers solutions to manage logistics, procurement, order management, manufacturing, planning and innovation--all in the cloud. To small and midsize companies, this means they can now leverage enterprise-level solutions without having to worry about having to invest in a costly IT infrastructure to support them. No more worry about cobbling together integrations for point solutions--they can easily connect process to process within the Oracle Cloud SCM suite. To find out more about Oracle SCM Cloud solutions, visit  or

Tuesday Mar 01, 2016

Digital Transformation and the Modern Supply Chain Experience

Five things we learned from Oracle’s recent Modern Supply Chain Conferences

Entering the room in the London Intercontinental O2 conference center to hear Rick Jewell’s keynote presentation on “Oracle SCM Cloud: Vision and Roadmap” proved to me that Cloud has finally arrived for supply chain. A packed room was there to hear not just about the recent launch of our full portfolio of supply chain products, but also to listen to customers such as RWG and SIG plc explain very coherently about how every customer’s path to the Cloud is different.

The London event was the latest in a series of conferences we are hosting around the world covering arguably the most important technology trend of today: digital transformation. The Modern Supply Chain Experience events in San Jose, Dubai and London welcomed hundreds of supply chain professionals and laid on packed programmes of keynote speeches and customer panels providing much food for thought and painting a clear picture of just how much the supply chain is set to change over the next few years.

In addition to industry experts, there were also speakers from the fields of sport and psychology, whose lessons on leadership and managing organisational change can be easily applied to the supply chain. If you weren’t able to make it along – or if you were and would value a recap – read on for our summary of the five key takeaways from the events…

[Read More]

Friday Feb 26, 2016

SCM Cloud at Oracle CloudWorld DC - March 24

The Cloud World DC event, taking place at the Marriott Marquis Washington, DC on Thursday, March 24, will feature a session about Oracle Supply Chain Cloud entitled "Path To Supply Chain Cloud”. It will be part of the "Modernize Finance, Procurement, Projects and Supply Chain” track. Click here for full details

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Thursday Feb 25, 2016

Industry 4.0 & Transformation of SCM

Check out this latest Oracle authored article which outlines how Industry 4.0 technologies are changing the manufacturing landscape and how the factory of the future will be unrecognizable from those of today. Find out how manufacturers must act now so they can keep up and evolve in time. Click here for the article.

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Tuesday Feb 23, 2016

New SCM Cloud eBook

Download the latest SCM Cloud eBook to learn why supply chain leaders are moving their SCM applications to the cloud. Read how cloud can help throughout every step of the supply chain process, from design, planning, procurement, and manufacturing through to execution and delivery. Click here for the eBook.

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