Monday Feb 08, 2016

MSCE San Jose Presentations Now Available

Presentations from the 2016 Modern Supply Chain Experience in San Jose are now available! To download the presentations, visit the Modern Supply Chain Experience section of the Oracle SCM Community

Presentations are located on the left navigation under each of the solution areas. Please note that some of presentations may not be available.

If this is your first time visiting the SCM Community, be sure to check out the About the Community page for quick tutorials and tips to get involved!

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Friday Feb 05, 2016

Industry 4.0 and the Transformation of the Supply Chain

The factory of the future will be unrecognizable from those of today; manufacturers must act now if they are to evolve in time

This year’s World Economic Forum at Davos was centred on the theme of ‘Mastering the Fourth Industrial Revolution’. Also known as the Industry 4.0, the term refers to the way a range of new technologies, including cloud computing, robotics, the Internet of Things, automation, mobility and many, many more are changing the way companies manufacture and distribute new products. Under the influence of these technologies, the factories of the future will be almost unrecognizable from those of today; as well as, I am willing to wager, the products and services that result from the manufacturing process.

We are quite often told that a product will be revolutionary, but in this case it is not mere hype: digitization is fundamentally changing the world around us and causing companies to look beyond just the products they make and explore the services and business models they can provide alongside them.

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Thursday Feb 04, 2016

Future Supply Chain Leaders at MSCE 2016

The 2016 Oracle Modern Supply Chain Experience was one of the best yet with countless SCM thought-leading sessions, 3D Printers, Makers Zones, Cloud-insights, and much more. One of the highlights of the event was the initiation of the Oracle Future Supply Chain Leaders Program. More than 80 college seniors & graduate students with studies focusing on different areas of supply chain were in attendance this year. Lead by Chief Sustainability Officer & GVP of SCM Product Strategy, Jon Chorley and Director of Sustainability Product Strategy, Rich Kroes - The students piled into San Jose to expose themselves to greater networking opportunities, learn about the future of SCM and experience one of Oracle's most attended events. The students' energy fueled the event and Oracle plans to keep it's arms open to the Future Leaders of Supply Chain for many years to come.

Read more about the Future Supply Chain Leaders Program in a Forbes article here

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Monday Feb 01, 2016

Eleven Tips for Modernizing Your Supply Chain

—By Margaret Harrist, Oracle Director of Content Strategy

A modern supply chain demands the support of digital technology—yet many companies are still using outdated supply chain applications and processes that lock them into archaic ways of doing business. "Supply chain has probably changed more in the last 30 years than almost any other aspect of business," said Jon Chorley, Oracle chief sustainability officer, in a recent article. Today, supply chain executives are looking to cloud-based applications to meet the demands of our increasingly global, customer-focused, fast-moving business environment.

Chorley offers 11 tips for modernizing your supply chain so that it meets your company's specific needs and enables you to avoid potential potholes you might not anticipate.

It's timely advice, given that a recent survey of participants in McKinsey & Co.'s Digital Manufacturing and Design Innovation Institute found that 80 percent of those executives consider digital manufacturing and design to be a critical driver of competitiveness, whereas only 13 percent rated their organizations' digital capability as "high."

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Monday Jan 25, 2016

Managing Innovation as a Business - Is ‘Concepts Portfolio’ the middle ground between creativity and finance?

As the average corporate life span reduces, innovation becomes vital to survival and growth. Most corporate boards want to get this right, but only 20% of CEOs believe that the investments made in innovation are paying off*. A few questions come to mind when thinking about increasing the return on investment:

a) What exactly does Innovation, especially from market offer perspective, mean? Is it only about new disruptive products/services or about regular iterations to current products/services as well?

b) Can I simply not appoint an innovation team to scan the market for the latest technologies to develop new products/services and I will be done?

c) Can I really manage innovation i.e. operationalize innovation, and make it pervasive throughout the organisation for regular and more predictable output?

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Friday Jan 22, 2016

SCM Cloud Webcast Series Continued

These webcasts will showcase live demos and serve to educate you about the latest SCM Cloud applications from Oracle. Click on the links below to see the schedule of dates for your area of interest.

General SCM Cloud webcast page

Oracle Transportation Management Cloud

Global Trade Management Cloud

Innovation Management Cloud

Product Master Data Management Cloud

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Wednesday Jan 20, 2016

Day Passes Now Available for MSCE

If you can’t make it for the week, come for the day! Oracle is now offering a special 1 Day Pass, either Tuesday or Wednesday, for just $495. You must register for your 1 Day Pass by Sunday, January 24th. Onsite purchase price is $625.

To take advantage of this offer, one of the following promo codes must be used on the MSCE registration page:

Tuesday, January 26  - 1 Day Pass Promo Code: DPTMSCE16

Wednesday, January 27 - 1 Day Pass Promo Code: DPWMSCE16

The Day pass includes access to activities on the day of attendance including keynotes, breakout sessions, solutions pavilion, networking activities, and meals.

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Tuesday Jan 19, 2016

The Factory of the Future: Points to Consider

We are truly living in a fascinating time where things once only dreamed about in science fiction are becoming reality: driverless cars, appliances that text you when they need servicing, home security technology that allows you to track your children’s movements from your smartphone, and home healthcare wearable technology that can alert you if your elderly loved one falls.

These are just a few of the hundreds of ways consumers are taking advantage of this new technology landscape brought to you by the Internet of Things (IoT), which enables the automated transmission of information over a network without need for human intervention. Just as the consumer world is changing at light speed with the adoption of IoT technology, the manufacturing world also is in the midst of an IoT revolution. IoT is enabling manufacturers to gain competitive advantage and lay a foundation for the factory of the future with smart connected operations, smart connected assets and the smart connected enterprise. These initiatives to modernize manufacturing plants and facilities will have a huge impact on workers and organizations.

Leading global manufacturers across various industry verticals are putting together strategies that leverage IoT technology to modernize their processes and organizations.  Analyst firm LNS Research sees four main areas for manufacturers to consider when developing their IoT strategy: connectivity, cloud, big data analytics and application development. In this recent article, "The Factory of the Future..." published by Supply and Demand Chain Executive, find out more about each of those areas individually and how they all work together to create a factory of the future. And let us know your thoughts on the Factory of the Future.

Friday Jan 15, 2016

Innovation has Never Been More Complex; or Rewarding

In the past, innovative businesses had it easy. The pace of change was much slower and first mover advantage was, as a result, more important. Not so today. Let’s face it: even with patent protection, products are largely becoming commoditized. If a brand launches a cool new product it’s now just a matter of months before competitors are able to launch similar products. Globalization and technology innovation is, by and large, commoditizing consumer products.

Brands are reacting to this change by innovating in a different way; namely: through business model and service innovation. Today products are less important in delivering value to businesses; it’s the service wraps and ancillary revenues that count.

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Wednesday Jan 13, 2016

Cisco's Commitment to a Sustainable Supply Chain

Watch this new Cisco video to see how Cisco leverages Oracle Supply Chain Management Applications to fulfill its commitment to managing a sustainable supply chain by embedding environmental considerations and best practices in its core business processes. Cisco was the winner of the 2015 Oracle Chief Sustainability Officer of the Year Award. These awards are presented to select companies that use an Oracle product to take an environmental lead by using green business practices to reduce costs and improve business efficiencies.

For example, a company may use Oracle Cloud Solutions to help drive down power consumption, Oracle Transportation Management to reduce fleet emissions, or Agile PLM to design more eco-friendly products.

Nominations are now open for the 2016 Oracle Sustainability Innovation Award.

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Monday Jan 11, 2016

Modern Supply Chain Experience - London: Feb. 2-3

This jam-packed two day Modern Supply Chain Experience event will be held during February 2 - 3, 2016 in London at the Intercontinental London – The O2. In addition to general sessions, featured tracks will include: Innovate to Product Commercialization, Plan to Produce and Procurement, Logistics with Order to Cash.

Click here for full conference and agenda details and click here for reasons to attend the conference.

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Friday Jan 08, 2016

UX Lab at Oracle Modern Supply Chain Experience

Already registered to attend the Oracle Modern Supply Chain Experience?

Did you know we also have an Onsite Usability lab at the conference? You can participate in a feedback session on Oracle's supply chain management application offerings at the conference and test drive the SCM Cloud.

When: Tuesday, Jan 26 and Wednesday, Jan 27, 2016

Hourly intervals offered between 8:00 AM & 6:00 PM

Where: The San Jose Convention Center, Conference Room 230 B

5 reasons to participate in the usability feedback session at the Modern Supply Chain Experience:

Bragging Rights - Help Oracle design their supply chain management applications

Make a difference - Provide the UX team with your in depth feedback!

Test Drive new UI - Experience the latest we have to offer!

Meet with Experts – Interact with Oracle Usability Engineers and Designers!

Be a part of the Oracle Applications User Experience community – Learn about future events and opportunities to provide feedback on our products.

Ready to participate? Be sure to have to sign up in advance. The event fills up quickly, and seats are limited!

Participation in the sessions requires your company or organization to have a Customer Participation Confidentiality Agreement (CPCA) on file. Don’t have one? Let us know, and we’ll start the process.

Check out the YouTube video to hear what Oracle customers and partners have to say about their experiences at previous usability feedback sessions.

Learn more about Oracle Applications User Experience team, visit Usable Apps.

The Key to Compliance? Build it into Product Design

Shopping has never been easier. You only have to pick up a laptop or smartphone, tap on a few buttons, and products will arrive on the doorstep within a couple of days – and from the furthest corners of the globe. To consumers, the ease of the ordering process is entirely natural, but as manufacturers can attest, it is actually the result of a highly complex supply chain. This complexity is perhaps nowhere more apparent than when it comes to international compliance.

We all know that different states and trading blocs have their own rules and regulations about what can and cannot enter their territories. If a manufacturer’s products are not compliant with the regulations of a state then the customs and excise officers of that state will stop the products entering its territory. This is well understood.

But what is less understood is exactly how much of an impact this can have on brands that are growing fast and looking to move rapidly into new markets. If not tackled correctly, global regulatory burdens could well prove an insurmountable obstacle to the effective operation of international supply chains.

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Thursday Jan 07, 2016

January Issue of Supply Chain Management Newsletter is Here!

The January 2016 edition of Oracle’s quarterly Modern Supply Chain Management newsletter is here. The newsletter includes a summary of the latest Oracle supply chain news, events, videos, customer buzz, and much more.

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Wednesday Jan 06, 2016

Video: Oracle Procurement Cloud

Hear customers at CyraCom International, Transit Wireless, and Rancon Group describe how they are using Oracle Procurement Cloud to control employee spending, streamline their procure-to-pay cycle, source more effectively, and reduce supplier risk. Watch the video and see why the Director of Supply Chain at Transit Wireless feels like a kid in a candy store. Click here.

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