Tuesday Jul 07, 2009

MPK17: Outcome of a long discussion?

The coffee stations in MPK17 are popular choices for technical discussions. Some go longer than others, and occasionally result in byproducts. I wouldn't want to hazard a guess about how long a discussion resulted in this byproduct, which popped up sometime at the end of last week:

Many stacked disposable cups

I wonder if the original discussion ever resolved...

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Wednesday Dec 10, 2008

2008.11: Live chat action

We're just wrapping up the live chat for the launch, with interested folks moving to freenode in #os200811. Here's a quick photo of Danek, Dave, and Bart responding intently to the questions and comments earlier this morning.

Launch chat action

As you can see, every question is taken seriously...

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Monday Nov 05, 2007

pkg(5): Fueling the next steps

Most Fridays, I spend the two hours before lunch assisting at our co-operative daycare. The hour and a half before are pretty good thinking hours, most of which lately have been spent on packaging. As the year passes, and we move into fall here in Northern California, the thinking's been best assisted by having a brief, and warming, snack.

Still life with packaging

The notes being written are about some of the points raised about the use of hashing, but then I buckled down and wrote an outline for our ARC inception materials, which will probably take more than one or two Friday sessions.

Location: Café Borrone, Menlo Park, California.

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Friday Jun 15, 2007

OpenSolaris: Picnic, California Edition

OpenSolaris just turned two—enjoy some good food and good company in the Northern California sun. Tomorrow's first ever OpenSolaris picnic [Upcoming] will be at Baylands Park in Sunnyvale, starting at 11:00 a.m..

Tamara and Ben will, of course, be superlative hosts. See you there!

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Wednesday Jun 14, 2006

Anniversary sunlight

Midday during the anniversary, a few of us zipped off campus for a short lunch in downtown Redwood City. Obviously, this was part shared celebration, but also I wanted to make sure that Dan and Steve exited #opensolaris in favour of a few minutes outdoors and some refueling.

At City Pub on Broadway, Redwood City

At City Pub on Broadway, Redwood City

I'm not enough of a photographer to catch candidly seven faces, from table's end. But lunch was pleasant—and my presence as a parental unit at home was mandatory this evening, so I will only get stories of the meet-up.

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Thursday Feb 23, 2006

New pocket location

I'm not the most device-laden person around here—by far. But I occasionally like to carry a camera and my Visor, as well as the obligatory tether-phone. An extra pocket would be nice, as wearing a jacket (with its 2 - 6 pockets) is uncomfortable for much of the year in a California climate. I always thought that the Dockers was onto something with their Mobile Pants, but now The Register reports that Thomas Pink has upped the ante by placing a pocket on the back of a necktie.

Seems like a natural place for any digital music player or even a voice-driven phone, given a headset with one or two buttons.

Tuesday Dec 13, 2005

Seasonal OpenSolaris shirt

Sara's tree [was once available] on a shirt.

[That was pretty] slick.

Update, 2009-03-26: The swag store and the shirt are no longer available.

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Tuesday Jul 12, 2005

What I did during my summer vacation: hack hack hack

The rest of the family didn't have vacation time, beyond the Fourth of July weekend, so I got a chance to do some reading and to write some code.

I am particularly excited to use tag(1) at work: my home directory is hosted on the main zfs(7FS) server, which means practically unlimited metadata. Tagging—I hope—will let me coalesce my projects/, projects/old-projects, and play/ into a single projects directory with current and obsolete tags. I'm also toying with ideas around HTML files involving redirects as a private link collection and tagging file fragments via their offsets.

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Monday Apr 25, 2005

Neck kerchiefs (or neckerchiefs)

So, while I wore the final symmetric/named knot at the OpenSolaris CAB dinner, I haven't stopped wearing ties to work. I'm tying a variety of knots for four-in-hand ties—Nickys and half-Windsors for the most part—plus the occasional bow-tie. As far as I can determine, it hasn't affected my work.

This is, of course, my wrap-up post on neckties.

Monday Apr 04, 2005

For the record, 10

Tie knot: Knot 78 (Balthus).

Thursday Mar 31, 2005

For the record, 9

Tie knot: Bow.

Monday Mar 28, 2005

For the record, 8

Tie knot: No time, no knot, alas.

Friday Mar 25, 2005

For the record, 7

Tie knot: Knot 5 (Pratt or Shelby).

Thursday Mar 24, 2005

For the record, 6

Tie knot: Knot 25 (Christiansen).

Wednesday Mar 23, 2005

For the record, 5

Tie knot: Knot 6 (Prince Albert variation).




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