Friday May 29, 2009

Web Space/Liferay : Expose SOAP & JSON services through Service Builder

As you know Portal Pack 3.0.1 provides a nice service builder editor where you can add/remove services and also generate service classes from NetBeans IDE. These services can be deployed on Liferay/Web Space server. To know more about how the services can be generated using Portal Pack, check this blog.

If all your portlets are deployed on the same liferay instance, then they can consume those services through normal java calls. But what about exposing a service as remote service, so that it can be consumed by remote clients. But currently the service builder plug-in in Portal Pack doesn't generate SOAP, JSON classes which are required to expose a remote service as SOAP and JSON and hence can not be consumed by remote clients.

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Friday Feb 13, 2009

Portal Pack 3.0 : Makes Portlet Development Easy !!!

The Portal Pack 3.0 is now available for download.
With lots of new features and bug fixes, the Portal Pack 3.0 is out
there to make portlet development easier than before. This version is
compatible with NetBeans 6.5 IDE. This version of Portal Pack supports
the recently released Sun GlassFish Web Space Server 10.0 which is part of the GlassFish Portfolio.

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Thursday Nov 06, 2008

Portal Pack 3.0 Milestone 2 is now available

The Portal Pack 3.0 M2 is now available for download. These plug-ins are supported on NetBeans 6.5 Beta or later. 

Highlights of the new features added in this release are :

  • Integration with Project WebSynergy M3 running on Glassfish V2 and recently released Glassfish V3 Prelude

  • Integration with Liferay Portal Server running on Glassfish V2/V3 and Tomcat 5.x/6.x

  • Support for Spring MVC Portlet : Using this plug-in, user can develop a portlet using spring webmvc portlet framework.

  • Service Builder Plug-in : This plug-in provides liferay/websynergy's service builder capabilities inside NetBeans IDE. Using this plug-in, user can generate and use services inside their portlets created by NetBeans Portal Pack. This plug-in also helps developer to write a database portlet quickly using service builder infrastructure. User can modify a service xml either through standard xml editor or through advance design editor for service xml.

  • WebSynergy/Liferay Taglib Palette : A new jsp palette has been added to help developer to use WebSynergy/Liferay specific taglibs inside their JSPs. Currently it supports all Journal taglibs through this palette.  But all other WebSynergy/Liferay specific taglibs are also exposed to the portlets, so that user can add them manually to their jsp code.

(Service Xml Editor. Click to enlarge)

Monday Sep 01, 2008

Portal Pack 3.0 M1 - Features Highlights

Portal Pack 3.0 Milestone 1 has been released recently. This version of Portal Pack plug-ins are supported on NetBeans 6.5 Beta. In this blog, I will explains about the new features supported by Portal Pack 3.0 Milestone 1.

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Tuesday Jun 19, 2007

Portal Pack IPC Story Board - Tutorial

The Sun Java System Portal Server 7.x (Now Open Portal) /Open Portal Portlet Container enables JSR 168 portlets to communicate with each other through custom portlet eventing. The new Portal Pack 1.3 Beta for NetBeans 5.5/5.5.1 has a new feature IPC Story Board. Interportlet Communication Story Board(aka "IPC Story Board") provides a visual way of wiring(linking) portlets to listen each other's events. Then these portlet applications can be deployed and tested on Open Portal Portlet Container/Sun Java System Portal Server 7.x which are supported by the Portal Pack.

This blog is intended to help portlet developers to get acquainted with the new IPC Story Board feature in the Portal Pack.

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Tuesday May 29, 2007

Portal Pack 2.0 preview for NetBeans 6 M9

The Portal Pack 2.0 preview is now available for download here. Though in this version there are no functional changes in the serverplugin modules, but there are some changes in the portlet builder (Generic Portlets) module. Unlike earlier version, in this version of the Portal Pack, there is no separate "Portlet Application" project type. In this version Portlet application is supported through web framework. So  "Portlet Support" can be added to a new/existing web application  through web framework. In other word you can say an existing/new web application can be extended to support Portlets inside it. To know how to create portlet application in this version click here

Thursday May 17, 2007

InterPortlet Communication Made Easy with IPC Story Board in the Portal Pack Plug-ins for NetBeans

In my last blog, I had mentioned about the IPC Story Board which is an upcoming feature in the next version of the Portal Pack. In brief IPC Story Board in Portal Pack will help developers to implement Inter Portlet Communication/Eventing in their portlets in a visual manner.  More importantly it also generates most of the eventing related code automatically for you. In my last demo I had also linked to a screen cast which gives an idea how this IPC Story Board will work in future. But now there is a new flash demo available which shows a full functional IPC Story Board in action. This feature will be supported in the next version of the Portal Pack for NetBeans 5.5/5.5.1. The new binaries are not yet available on the Portal Pack project site, but those will be available very soon. In this flash demo I have created a simple shopping cart portlet application using Portal Pack + NetBeans 5.5 with IPC Story Board support. The application developed using IPC Story Board can be deployed/run on Open Portal Portlet Container / Sun Java System Portal Server 7.x . The future version of the IPC Story Board will also be supporting  JSR-286 portlet eventing.

If you are interested to see the fully functional IPC Story Board in action then check this screencast

Let me know if you have any suggestions & feedbacks or you want to see any new features in the Portal Pack. 





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