Sunday Jun 28, 2009

Kiva FX- JavaFX Application using Kiva API

I was one of the earliest people to have explored the Kiva API. But then i couldn't do anything useful out of it. Few days back it just flashed to me why not create a JavaFX Application which makes use of the Kiva API and also provides fair bit of usefulness. I sat down and went through the API again to check what all it provides. Then i came to a conclusion that let me create some application which the lenders can make use of, say to track the entrepreneurs they have funded. I kept the features limited so as to avoid too much of HttpRequests and Parsing of XML. I spent 3 days of non-stop coding to complete the application. Most of my time was spent on aliging the UI and different components. Hopefully JavaFX gets a JavaFX Builder soon (With the UI support). But to be frank the various features of JavaFX made the application development easier. This would have been more heavy and time consuming if developed using Java Swing. I really liked the "bind" feature of JavaFX. We can bind the data sources to different UI components and let JavaFX do the job of updating the view. I had problems in using the Effects and also few javaFX controls. So i stuck to more basic fade transition and the gradients.

More details can be found here.

Launch the application here.

Do drop in your comments and let me know how i can improve the application.

Monday Jun 22, 2009

Simple JavaFX Delicious RSS Feed Reader

I had long wished to create a RSS Feed parser which would parse the Delicious bookmarks feed. This time I sat down to code one! But ended up with a simple application. Nevertheless it was a great learning experience for me. The source code can be downloaded from here.

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Sunday Jun 21, 2009

Building DLLs using Cygwin

I was going through JNI which i required for writing agents for JVMTI. JNI requires the native implementation to be compiled in to the native library, DLL in this case as i was running on Windows using Cygwin. I was searching a bit for creating DLLs for the C implementation  and found this useful link here. The lnik has lot more information about building and using the DLLs. I thought of sharing on this post the building DLL part alone.[Read More]

Friday Jun 19, 2009

Opening URL in a browser from JavaFX Desktop Application

I searched a bit for opening URL in a browser window using Java and came across the following API:

java.awt.Desktop.getDesktop(new  URI (""  ));

But then when i tried to run the application using this code snippet i got error both in Eclipse 3.4 and in NetBeans 6.5. Eclipse atleast showed the class Desktop in its Intellisense but NetBeans did not do even that. But when i tried to run the same application from the command line it executed with out any exceptions. No idea wat may be the problem. Anyways i figured some way to open a browser using the Hyperlink control of JavaFX. For this i made use of a custom class UrlOpener-


class UrlOpener{
 public void openURL(String url) throws Exception{
 java.awt.Desktop.getDesktop().browse(new URI(url));

Now we make use of this helper java class in our JavaFX script hyperlink.fx. This script contains a TextBox control to enter the URL to open. The user can either open the url by clicking on the Hyperlink or by pressing enter from the TextBox control.


import javafx.scene.Scene;
import javafx.scene.text.Font;
import javafx.scene.text.Text;
import javafx.stage.Stage;
import javafx.scene.control.\*;

var urlBox: TextBox;
var hyperLink: Hyperlink;
Stage {
    title: "HyperLink"
    width: 300
    height: 200
    scene: Scene {
        content: [
                content: "Opening a URL Demo"
                translateX: 10
                translateY: 40
                    size: 15
                text: "Enter the URL"
                translateX: 10
                translateY: 70
                width: 100
                translateX: 120
                translateY: 70
                width: 100
                action: function():Void{
                translateY: 100
                width: 200
                text: bind "Visit {urlBox.text}"
                action: function():Void{



The screenshot:

I did not try the Applet version. Also this is not working when tried using NetBeans or Eclipse. Have to figure out why so. If there's an alternate way to open the URL via Hyperlink do let me know. I would be really greatful for that. This particular sample uses TextBox and Hyperlink control

Key New Features in JavaFX 1.2 SDK

There are a lot of new features added in the JavaFX 1.2 SDK which also includes few changes in the existing packages, changes in the API, changes in the variable names and so on. There are a few changes which have added few major things in the SDK. I would like to throw light on those features.

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Wednesday Jun 10, 2009

My Blog post on DZone links!

I some how figured it out that my blog post on JavaFX Bar Chart here got featured on the DZone links here! Thanks to who so ever has put it up there. This has encouraged me to write more!!!

Monday Jun 08, 2009

JavaFX Barchart demo

Just finished going thru the BarChart api. Managed to write a simple sample application which shows using BarChart3D. It doesn't take any real time data. Actually the samples written by Vaibhav here helped me a lot. Will actually go thru the RSS Feed API and try out fetching some real time data. Here's the screenshot of the application:

Run the JNLP file here.

Download the source code here

Saturday Jun 06, 2009

My First JavaFX Application!!!

Was going thru the JavaFX 1.2 API and found a lot of new features some of them are: New JavaFX Controls, New Layouts, Charting API, Local Data Storage among others. I was impressed by few samples which i saw here and here. So i thought of exploring the New JavaFX Controls and created a sample application. 

Screenshot of the application:

Run the JNLP file here.

Run in Applet mode here.

Download the source code here.

Will try out the Chart API as well!!!!

Friday May 15, 2009

Free Online Books Repository

One can view the books online or even download them covering varied areas like Ada, C, C++, Java, Ruby, Software Engineering. The freely available online books linked to from this site vary in format; some are PDF, some are HTML, some are zipped PDF and/or HTML, and so forth. I happened to read about this in Dustin's blog here

Thursday Apr 23, 2009

Zembly Blogging Contest

Calling all zembly developers! Whether you're building Facebook apps, Meebo apps, iPhone web apps, mashups, widgets, data services, web APIs or are new to zembly, they want to hear from you. Simply tell about your experience with zembly and you could win a $200 gift certificate![Read More]

Saturday Mar 21, 2009

JavaFX Coding Challenge

JavaFX is an RIA technology developed by Sun Microsystems. JavaFX Coding Challenge is a competition aimed at inviting developers to design and submit a new application using JavaFX. The best thing about the event is that there is categories for both the professionals and student communities.

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Wednesday Nov 12, 2008

Core Java Refcardz by Cay S. Horstmann

This refcard gives you an overview of key aspects of the Java language and cheat sheets on the core libCore Javarary (formatted output, collections, regular expressions, logging, properties) as well as the most commonly used tools (javac, java, jar). Features include Java Keywords, Standard Java Packages, Character Escape Sequences, Collections and Common Algorithms, Regular Expressions, JAR Files and more.

To download the Refcardz click here.

Tuesday Nov 11, 2008

RefCardz: Essential MySQL

RefCardz: Essential MySQLMySQL

MySQL is the world’s most popular open source database, sporting a barrier of entry low enough to attract novice developers yet powerful enough to power some of the world’s most popular websites, among them Yahoo!, BBC News, the U.S. Census Bureau, and Craigslist. Recently acquired by Sun Microsystems, MySQL’s future is indeed bright. This reference card was created to help one quickly navigate some of MySQL’s most popular features. Covering topics such as configuration, administration software, backup procedures, SQL features, and user management, this card will serve as a handy desk reference for countless projects to come.

Friday Oct 17, 2008

Sun Code For Freedom 2008

Do you have the mettle?

In just a few years or even months, you will be a qualified Engineer. Even as you equip yourselves to go out there and change the world of technology with your own ideas and innovations, here is an unbelievable opportunity to prove your mettle. Right now. Enter the Code for Freedom contest, brought to you by Sun Microsystems - the leaders in tech innovation and the champions of open source technologies.

Choose your technologies. Choose your future.

You have to choose at least two Sun open source technologies and develop a cool application using them. So go ahead, visit:, download the NetBeans or Sun Studio development tools, develop and build your applications using these tools, test it and send your winning entries.

Contest Dates

20 Sep, 2008 Contest Starts
31 Dec, 2008 Deadline for submission of project proposal
30 Apr, 2009 Contest Ends
14 Jun, 2009 Winners Announced

To Register, visit:

For more information, write to us at:


Wednesday Oct 15, 2008

NetBeans Beta Certification Exam: SCSNI

Are you a Programmer who is responsible for developing Java desktop and Java web applications using the NetBeans IDE? If so, this is your opportunity to get involved in the creation of the Netbeans IDE exam! As a beta tester, you officially test the test and will be able to provide Sun with valuable comments and technical feedback about the Netbeans IDE questions. The Sun beta exam counts towards official Sun Certified Specialist Netbeans IDE (SCSNI) Certification! Beta Dates: October 15, 2008 thru November 5, 2008 Registration Exam Start Date: October 13, 2008 Passing the exam entitles you to the full status of Sun Certified Specialist Netbeans IDE, and you will receive aSun certification kit. A certification kit will have your certificate, Logo Agreement and Letter. Candidates will have 195 minutes to complete 160 questions, which should allow you time to respond to all questions and provide your valuable comments while taking the exam. This beta exam is offered Worldwide at any Authorized Prometric Testing Center![Read More]

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