RESTful Web Services with Java
Article: Aug 2006
Best practices and design considerations when developing RESTful Web Services with Java
Acclerating Java XML Digital Signatures
Article: July 2006
Accelerating Java XML digital signature performance using cryptographic hardware accelerators with focus on the UltraSPARC T1 processor cryptographic support
Realizing Strategies for Document-Based Web Services With JAX-WS 2.0
White Paper: Dec 2005
White paper examines how to realize some of the Document-Based Web Services strategies with the Java API for XML-Based Web Services (JAX-WS) 2.0
Java Web Services Performance Analysis and Benefits of Fast Infoset
White Paper: Oct 2005
White paper provides detailed analysis and realities of newly available technologies, such as Fast Infoset (FI), which provide dramatically improved Web services performance and scalability.
StAX 1.0 White Paper: Streaming API's for XML Parsers JSR-173
White Paper: Aug 2005
White paper: Streaming API's for XML Parsers JSR-173
Interoperability with Document Based Web Services
Article: Jan 2005
Article outlines some of the alternatives from an interoperability (between J2EE & .NET) when building document-driven web services using JAX-RPC on the J2EE platform
Patterns and Strategies for Building Document Based Web Services
Article: Sept 2004
Article outlines some of the alternatives and best practices that architects and developers should keep in mind when building document-driven web services using JAX-RPC on the J2EE platform
Java BluePrints Solutions Catalog
Condtribution: Web Services Entries
The Java BluePrints Solutions Catalog is a new project from the Java BluePrints program. It consists of a set of guidelines and best practices and small applications to illustrate these guidelines on the Java EE platform.
Combining JavaMail and SOAP
Article: JavaPro April 2004
Article describing how to use SOAP with other transport protocols
and JavaMail for asynchronous, XML messaging among applications
Java Web Services Architecture
Publisher: Morgan Kaufmann; Book and CD-ROM edition (April 25, 2003) ISBN: 1558609008
Written by industry thought leaders, Java Web Services Architecture is a no-nonsense guide to web services technologies including SOAP, WSDL, UDDI and the JAX APIs. This book is the trusted advisor to systems architects and provides an unbiased look at many of the practical considerations for implementing web services including authorization, encryption, transactions and the future of Web Services

Core Java Data Objects
Prentice Hall PTR; 1st edition (September 15, 2003) ISBN: 0131407317
Written for experienced Java developers, this guide outlines the basics of how Java data objects (JDO) work, demonstrates how to use JDO to create, read, update, and delete persistent objects in enterprise business applications, and overviews six interfaces that provide the basic set of JDO APIs. The second half of the book discusses the J2EE connector architecture and enterprise JavaBeans in the context of JDO, and compares JDO with JDBC for accessing relational database systems


Professional Java Server Programming J2EE, 1.3 Edition
September 2001 ISBN: 1861005377
Aimed at the working developer or IT manager tackling server-side and Web-based enterprise Java applications, Professional Java Server Programming J2EE 1.3 Edition offers a truly excellent guide to the fast-changing world of today's Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) APIs and programming techniques. Filled with the practical details and advice for using real Java tools in actual projects, this book offers one of the best available resources to the current state of the Java used on the enterprise.
Professional Java Server Programming , 2nd Edn, Published 2000-09-01
Published 2000-09-01
This J2EE edition represents an evolution of the content to reflect the changing state of server-side Java development. Whereas the first edition can be seen as an introduction to Java on the server, the new edition is a more tightly integrated vision of how to combine the Java technologies to develop n-tier applications in Java based primarily around J2EE.
Professional JSP, Published 2000-06-01
Published 2000-06-01
For readers with some previous Java experience, Professional JSP is a comprehensive guide to today's JavaServer Pages (JSPs). Besides a solid tutorial on JSPs and servlets, this book gives you lots of useful examples of how JSPs can work with other Java APIs (like EJBs and XML) to deliver highly functional Web sites
Sun ONE Approaches to Web Development(Published 2003-11-01)
Use the Sun ONE Studio 5 Standard Edition IDE to develop and test Web services and clients based on SOAP, WSDL, and UDDI
Web Services Interoperability (Published 2003-12-01)
Online version is a bit trimmed. Dec 2003 issue has cover story
  JAX-RPC Handlers (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3) Published 2003-08-25
Article disusses a very useful and often misunderstood feature of JAX-RPC called handlers
Custom tags in JSPs, Published 2001-06-01
Article on Custom tags with JSPs (June 2001)
JAX-RPC article, Published 2002-06-01
Published 2002-06-01
Article on JAX-RPC in the June issue of XML & WebServices magazine.
Understanding JAX-R ,
Published 2002-10-10
This rich, simple standard extension API gives enterprises what they need to access Web Service Registries and Repositories
Delivering Messages for Business Integration, Published 2000-07-01
Published 2000-07-01
Java-Pro magazine.(Aug 2000) Also available at
EJB Transactions, Published 2000-04-01
Published 2000-04-01
EJB servers are transactional servers, which allow the developers to concentrate on the business logic. The EJB model implements two phase commits, transaction context propagation and distributed transaction management. Developers can leverage thr true power of EJBs by understanding the subtleties and internals of transactions work and how to work with them.
Java objects in the LDAP server , Published 2000-01-20
Published 2000-01-20
In this article we will take a look at Java Naming and Directory Interface (JNDI) and see how to manipulate Java objects in the LDAP server. Among other things the the reader will see with examples how to store objects,reference,attributes,Search for objects and see event handling in LDAP.
Internationalization, Published 1998-12-01
Internationalization is the process of designing an application so that it can be adapted to different languages and regions without requiring engineering changes. And resource bundles are a quick and simple way to isolate translatable text or localizable objects from the core source code. Printed in Programmez magazine (French) also Abbreviated online version here
Callbacks in RMI (Published 1997)
Remote Method Invocation, or RMI, provides a way for a server object to remotely call into a registered client object by means of client side notification. Printed in Programmez magazine (French) also Abbreviated online version here
  SavePoint Tech Tip, Published 2002-08-20
Published 2002-08-20
Tech tip on JDBC Savepoints
  Metrowerks IDE review, Published 1999
Published 2000-04-25
Small product review of the Java IDE from Mertowerks
  Class diagrams in UML, (Published 1997)
UML class diagrams depict the structural view of the system and capture the classes involved and the static relationships between them. Even a small software project is likely to be depicted in several diagrams, each capturing a different aspect of the system. This write-up takes a whirlwind tour of class diagrams.