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  • August 4, 2016

The Cloud Crossroads

Peter Heller
Senior Director

CIOs are at a
crossroads as they make today’s investments. Most agree that the Cloud paradigm
has cost and convenience benefits: availability, speed, agility, and TCO, enabling faster development
processes and topping it off with higher reliability and lower risk. So, to what
extent are CIOs acting to invest in the Cloud? IDC reports that Cloud spending is an increasing
component of IT budgets (43% in 2 years, IDC) which also leads to the consequential
explosive growth across the major Cloud market segments (IaaS 250%, PaaS 267%, SaaS 109% by 2019, IDC).

So, as you
consider your investment decisions, are you at a crossroads? Should
you invest in the cloud or continue on premises?  

With this
premise, Oracle asked HBR to investigate how leading CIOs are developing their
cloud strategies. In this short report,
they offer some insight for both strategy and
Click for free report.

  • Strategy. The Cloud forces IT to rethink their strategy, structure, and
    organization. As IT and the business
    embrace new ways of doing things, now is the time to mitigate the possible
    risks of cloud proliferation and inefficiency. This report should add to your
    perspective as you consider new architectures and governance.

  • Action. Since
    the Cloud offers immediate benefits and multiple starting paths – there’s an
    urgency to act. This report also offers
    guidance for how to analyze and move your technology portfolio to the Cloud.

Your Pivot to the Cloud

You have options
as you consider your adoption and migration to the Cloud. And with some additional insight you may be able
to speed adoption and minimize risk. This report discusses four core techniques
and their rationale for moving applications and workloads to the Cloud. And, it just so happens that Oracle can help
you with all of them! This diagram illustrates:

Oracle’s Perspective

At Oracle, we
have had the good fortune to work with 1000s of CIOs on their Cloud journey.
Some started with business applications and others with infrastructure.
Wherever they begin, ultimately, their needs evolved to require greater
flexibility, extensibility, and hybrid operations. These CIOs have learned that
their enterprise Cloud strategy requires a holistic portfolio perspective and a
strategic partner like Oracle to help them on their journey.

with a Cloud-First strategy have also learned that the Cloud's real value comes
being able to delegate the service level agreement (SLA) of an entire solution,
from infrastructure to application, instead of solely components. In the current state of the market, not all Cloud
providers can step up to that challenge. The consequence of a partial solution is that companies are forced to
manage far more than they want to manage – requiring more administration, testing,
and actual integration. That’s one reason why Jim
Fowler, GE CIO stated
in this report that “all new systems at GE will be developed on and for cloud

customers expect the Cloud payoff to encompass all enterprise-class technology
capabilities on a complete, integrated, open, and secure platform from the
infrastructure to the application. It is not new wisdom that recognizes that
integrated suites reduce complexity, increase reliability, and cost less – it’s
just that now, with Cloud, the suite includes hardware, security, and

A complete, integrated, and open Cloud capability is a remarkable
accomplishment. Oracle’s unique history
and leadership across the spectrum of enterprise technology offers enterprises
more features, deployment options, and value, than any other option in the

Oracle has
provided industry leading technology to the world’s largest and most demanding
customers. Our enduring commitment has
helped them transition through every major technology shift – and now it is
Cloud. While Oracle always builds for
the future, we always bridge with the past, so that our customers retain the
value from their technology investments.

Click for free report.

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