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  • April 21, 2014

Take-Aways from the Oracle Cloud Analyst Summit

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Every year, Oracle's product strategy, development and marketing teams spend a considerable amount of time with members of the analyst community. Even though these teams have continuous dialogues with individual customers and customer advisory boards (CABs), the fact remains that IT research analysts and consultants play an important role by providing valuable insight on industry trends and opportunities and expert advice on business strategy. Such was the case this past March when Oracle invited twenty of the most influential analysts covering Cloud to Indian Wells, CA for an Oracle Cloud Analyst Summit.  During the summit, key Oracle executives discussed the latest additions to the Oracle Cloud Solutions portfolio and provided updates on our product strategy and roadmap.  The gathering was also the perfect forum to hear what analysts thought about Oracle’s vision and execution plans for addressing the cloud computing market.

While not all of the details of the summit are available or suitable for sharing publically, I want to share with you some of the analyst sentiment that came out during and after the event. First, here’s a Storified selection of analyst tweets that were posted during the summit.

There were also several blog postings and research notes as well. For example, Holger Mueller from Constellation Research posted Progress Report: Good Cloud Progress At Oracle, and a two step program to his blog.  I encourage you to read his blog posting because it’s quite interesting and insightful, but for those of you short on time, here’s a few excerpts worth noting:

  • “First of all there can be no question after this day, that Oracle is and remains committed to the cloud.”
  • “Six months after checking in with Oracle at OpenWorld, there has been good progress across the board for the cloud products. There is still a lot of road to cover though...But 2014 should be the year where it all comes together for Oracle.”
  • “Given Oracle’s large install base for its database we expect a lot of interest of existing customers for the Database-as-a-Service (DBaaS) offering. Having an 11gR2 or 12c database readily available to you, with the option of having it fully managed by Oracle is certainly an attractive value proposition for Oracle DBMS customers.”
  • “The DNA of Oracle’s SaaS products remains compelling – with its foundations on top of Oracle Social Network and a pretty good mobile architecture. User interfaces are now compelling to use – and it’s good to see executives – from (Thomas) Kurian down – demo the software themselves.”
There was also Evan Quinn from EMA who posted The Still Surfacing Oracle Cloud to his blog and wrote a related research note.  Again, here are a few excerpts from the blog post:
  • “Oracle Cloud is an enterprise Cloud. Oracle aims to ensure that Oracle Cloud offerings are certified, accredited, protect privacy, and meet whatever gold standards are established.  This isn’t just about identifying Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and keeping fingers crossed, but about delivering the same level of dependability customers enjoyed on-premise.”
  • “Oracle will succeed in cloud by ensuring it helps customers deal with the intricacies of transition, by maintaining the reliability customers have come to expect from on-premise, and by pushing business-oriented interoperability.”
  • “For those of you, however, that simply couldn’t utter “Oracle” in the same breath as “AWS, Azure, Salesforce,” the time has come to take a deeper breath, for Oracle Cloud has broken the surface.”
I’m sure you have your own thoughts and experiences with research analysts and the views they provide, particularly when it comes to Cloud. Here at Oracle, we consider them to be an integral part of the process of understanding the IT market landscape and a valuable resource. I encourage you to read both analysts’ blog postings as they’ll provide you with their key take-aways from the Oracle Cloud Analyst Summit. After all, one can’t be too informed when it comes to understanding and making decisions about the Cloud.

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