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  • February 20, 2019

Is Your Business Digitally Determined or Digitally Distraught or Somewhere in Between?

Lisa Schwartz
Senior Director, Cloud Applications Product Marketing

Are you making adequate progress in the modernization of your business or are you hindered by 20th century processes, spending considerable time upgrading systems and even creating more data siloes with one-off cloud solutions?

In a recent webcast, Mickey North Rizza, Program VP, IDC and Juergen Lindner, SVP, Oracle SaaS, discuss the concept being digitally determined versus being digitally distraught.

IDC cites four elements of what it takes to be digitally determined:

  1. Being able to scale your business quickly
  2. Empowering talent excellence
  3. Responding to customer demands quickly
  4. Reducing steps in a workflow or process.

Digitally determined could apply to a business, an organization or individuals who have developed characteristics that make choices for a larger vision of the business, who plan a roadmap toward digital transformation while looking across the entire business and also those who look for ways to enable that journey faster.  Those that are digitally determined understand that there will be hurdles in the journey, and yet are accountable to overcome those hurdles while still moving the digital ball forward at a fast pace.

A digitally distraught business or organization may be caught in indecision about which business processes should be transformed, and may be involved in continuous cost cutting measures in order to regroup from legacy investments and may even think that growing the business seems more and more limited.  Often digitally distraught businesses may even have difficulty choosing the right partners to help them make the right choices in transforming their business.

In fact, results of the IDC survey state that 97% of digitally determined businesses want fully connected processes across the entire business, but only 5% are fully integrated. 

When asked of the benefits of connecting the dots or processes across the entire business, respondents cited: increased revenues, increased workflow efficiency and better insights into business operations.

To learn more about how to become digitally determined, view the Oracle sponsored IDC webcast.

After viewing the webcast, you will be able to download the recent statistics on integration and innovation based on a survey of 400 global business leaders.

Lisa M. Schwartz is senior director at Oracle Cloud Applications product marketing and she can be followed on @leeza2020.

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