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Got Questions About GDPR?

Yaldah Hakim Rashid
Director, Cloud Applications Product Marketing


Don’t know where to start with GDPR, General Data Protection Regulation, effective May 25, 2018?

Don’t feel alone.

             8 out of 10 people when polled could not answer the question,
 “What would you do first to get started on a GDPR assessment for your organization?”

The General Data Protection Regulation cites speci­fic data privacy requirements for those who are processing or sharing data globally. Therefore, we have reduced the GDPR process to 10 general steps to help you understand the basic nature of a GDPR project.

While not every step maybe exactly suited for your organization, and in some organizations, there may be more steps, we believe these general steps can help you to understand the basic process. We have them listed below for your convenience.   

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Basic Steps to GDPR:

1. Generate stakeholder awareness

2. Appoint a DPO (Data Protection Officer)

3. Assess data inventory

4. Conduct privacy assessment gap analysis

5. Evaluate supply chain processors

6. Review cross-border data transfers

7. Create accountability processes

8. Create implementation plan

9. Document & train on data subject rights

10. Produce, train & test data breach notification

For more information go to: www.oracle.com/applications/gdpr

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