Saturday Apr 25, 2009

New Meeting for May!

We've decided to hold another Open Source University Meetup meeting this year! Due to the popular demand and desire of our membership, we've added a meeting for May 6, 2009. Join us to learn about Open Source Software, learn a little about what we do, and help us spread the word of Open Source. (More after the jump). [Read More]

Wednesday Apr 08, 2009

OSUM next Wednesday

Come to our next OSUM meeting on April 15th at 6:00pm!
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Friday Feb 27, 2009

Next Meetup is March 11th

The next Open Source University Meetup meeting will be happening on March 11th at 6:00pm in 3 MLH. This time we should have a great presentation about using Netbeans with Ruby on Rails, along with the usually free pizza and more. Join us to get all the great benefits of our OSUM!

Sunday Feb 15, 2009

Open Source Meetup Notes

I've posted the minutes from our latest meeting. Overall, the meeting was rather small, but we made some great strides towards increasing long-term attendance and working towards encouraging more open source use at the University. We decided that we should pursue some big events to get increased membership and interest, while also working hard to manage all current people in our list of members and potential members. We also had new members attend this meeting, which was great!

Tuesday Feb 03, 2009

JRuby Talk Examples

One of the three things we talked about at the last Open Source University Meetup meeting was JRuby, the fully Java implementation of the Ruby virtual machine. I demonstrated a program that uses Java Swing in JRuby showing a temperature calculating application. Users could, in example3.rb, enter a temperature and press a button to convert it from F to C or C to F and get the response back, demonstrating a program that could be useful to people.

Download the demonstration files.

Tuesday Jan 27, 2009

Student Organization Fair

We had the student organization fair today at the University of Iowa - and OSUM had it's table near one of the entrances. Although the fair did not seem to attract that many students, we still made a positive impression: we projected slides about OSUM onto the wall above us, and had the best display of all the groups attending. We even handed out information to a handful of people about our open source university meetup (next meeting is Wednesday, January 28th, 6pm, 3 MLH). Below are some photos.

Student Organization Fair - Open Source Table

Student Organization Fair - Open Source University Meetup OSUM Table

Tuesday Jan 20, 2009

Full OSUM Schedule

I've got a full schedule ready for OSUM at Iowa! We have five meetings scheduled, for now, although I hope to add more as we get the ball rolling. Topics are still to be decided on, but I believe for the next couple meetings we will focus on things like Java. I may try to get everyone learning JRuby as a fun group meetup that I think everyone would enjoy a lot. The meetings are on Wednesdays at 6:00pm, or Saturdays at 11:00am. They'll be held in the Muhly Lounge, which is on the ground floor of McLean Hall (on the Pentacrest).

Hope to see you there! Plenty of fun stuff to talk about, lots to learn, and plenty to do.

Saturday Dec 06, 2008

First OSUM Meeting & OpenSolaris InstallFest

We had our first Open Source University Meetup today in the Iowa Memorial Union's River Room. It was great: we choose OSUM officers, getting a President (myself), Vice-President (Mike), and Secretary (John). We also decided to have our next meetup on December 13th, hopefully in the same place, at 10am.

We talked about how to access the Sun Academic Initiative Learning Connection to get free training and discounted certification, and we decided on 5 goals for the group. (I'll try to post full details on the iowa osum website). One of our goals is to have each member complete an SAI learning module each month (decided by the group), sort of like a book group chooses a book to read each month. Then we'll be able to discuss at each meeting.

Thanks to all attending, and I hope to see even more folks next weekend!

Tuesday Nov 25, 2008

Calling JRuby in Java

We all know that JRuby can easily use Java classes, but did you know Java can call JRuby scripts? An excellent but relatively underutilized feature of Java and JRuby is the ability to call JRuby scripts directly from your Java program. Consider the possibilities of loading a JRuby script, from possible a text file or a database, and having it execute within your program. It could be an excellent method of installing on-the-fly system updates or modifying variables that you never thought you'd need to touch. Always, of course, be careful not to execute malicious code, as your JRuby script can do anything your Java code might.

Friday Nov 14, 2008

Installing Xen on OpenSolaris (dom0)

I just purchased a new piece of hardware to try to learn some of the latest pieces of software that I've been learning about. One of the first things I've wanted to experience was Xen, an open-source hypervisor that I've heard a lot about. Unfortunately, finding all the information I needed hasn't been easy. But I determined that I should be able to get it to work after following this guide. The key is to download the pre-built version of Xen, then try following all the steps in that guide. I'll be posting results here soon.

Thursday Oct 30, 2008

Today's Thoughts :: Tommorrow's Actions

"I've been having these weird thoughts any of this for real? Or not?"- Sora

When you've got something you know you have to work on, it's always hardest to get started. You know that you should probably beat that last boss in your videogame. Or you need to publish another blog post today. Maybe you've wasted so much time that now you've got to find sustinance. Whatever it is, there's always the notion of putting it off for later. And we all know that we can't keep it up, because eventually tommorrow becomes today.

I'm having an awful time deciding what I want to do right now. I've narrowed down my to do list to only the big things, or things that I really need to wait to do. And now, I'm discouraged. All that's left are the big challenges that I know would eat all my time if I get started - and the distractions are so tempting \^_\^. Not this time, I won't be distracted. That's the attitude you need to give yourself if you want to be successful. Not this time, not anymore. So by the time this weekend ends, I will have accomplished something - and I'll be able to come back here and tell you about it. That's my goal. What's your goal?

OpenSolaris Shutdown - Disable the Loud Beep

A brief post about how to disable the loud shutdown beep in OpenSolaris.[Read More]

Wednesday Oct 29, 2008

Planning First Open Source Meetup

As I want to get the ball rolling on my Open Source University Meetup, I've already starting pre-planning for my first tech event, an OpenSolaris InstallFest. I hope to have it sometime in late November or early December on a Saturday, giving me time to register our student group, get approval, reserve space, get posters put up, and get people interested in coming. The demonstration would focus around students with their laptops installing VirtualBox and then learning how to install OpenSolaris on them. I believe it would be an excellent running start to my open source group, and a quick and easy way to get people excited about OSUM (awesome). I'll keep you updated. \^_\^

Monday Oct 27, 2008

Open Source At Iowa

Hello all, my name is Ryan Kopf and I am the Sun Campus Ambassador for the University of Iowa. I've started this blog as a small part of my position to help organize and provide a resource to people interested in Open Source at the University of Iowa. The layout design of this blog is supposed to match well with the layout of my Open Source Group website. This blog will help followers keep up to date with the fun open-source happenings at the University of Iowa, along with a lot more. I might post updates on some of the latest things I've learned, notes that might be useful to other people wanting to support open source, and more. In the end, this blog is helping build a community, and I hope you become a part of that effort.

Ryan Kopf


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