Which Java One Sessions to Visit?

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I arrived to San Francisco today and now I'm studying the Java One schedule. Unlike my busy colleague Tim I am quite free so I plan to visit many sessions (and blog about the more interesting ones). If you want to meet me in person, I'll be often around the NetBeans booth which will be located in the Sun Microsystem's booth area.

I think that this year there will be more NetBeans-related sessions at Java One than ever - take a look yourself. I would definitely recommend to visit Geertjan's BOF-2835 called "Creating an IDE for Your Favorite Web Framework". Jarda Tulach's TS-6218 "How to Write APIs That Will Stand the Test of Time" is another safe bet - this was a BOF last year and it was completely packed.

I am very much looking forward to BOF-0678: Meet the "Java Posse", which should be really fun and I wonder if they plan to produce the podcast during the BoF. Tor's TS-3576: Visual Basic and the Java Platform is said to reveal a secret plan of attack against the Microsoft empire (hehe now you really wonder what it will be, don't you? :).

Tomas Pavek has a session about Matisse: TS-4916 Creating Professional Swing UIs Using NetBeans GUI Builder, which will definitely be worth seeing. Looking at the schedule, there is so much to see and so few time!

Next week is going to be indeed busy... I hope to meet many bloggers at Simon Phipp's bloggers party and there is also an SDN party this year. But the historically best Java One party will be missed: the Borland party. I am sure we'll have enough of fun anyway :)

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  • Lukas Sunday, May 14, 2006
    I'd recommend any of Petr Suchomel's sessions... He is expirienced presenter and the topics are interesting -
    • TS-3301

      Using NetBeans™ Mobility Pack to Develop JSR 226 Applications (Wednesday
      11:00 AM -
      12:00 PM

      Moscone Center
      Esplanade 303)
    • TS-5454

      Netbeans™ Mobility Pack and Sony Ericsson - Living Up to Developer Expectations (Wednesday
      01:30 PM -
      02:30 PM

      Moscone Center
      Esplanade 304/306)
    • TS-1878

      Debugging Across Tiers: Advanced Techniques (Thursday
      01:30 PM -
      02:30 PM

      Moscone Center
      Esplanade 304/306)
  • Francois Orsini Sunday, May 14, 2006
    After Simon's Bloggers Meetup - try to come to the Apache Derby's party ;-)
    More info at:
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