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    November 9, 2007

What saves me on long flights

Guest Author

I spend way too much time in airplanes and at airports these days. It's one of those things noone tells you when you are getting a job of an evangelist, but I found some ways how to deal with it. One life saver are noise-canceling headphones. They're great not only during the flight itself but also when waiting at the airport. When you put them on suddenly all the rush and noise is just far in the distance.

The other life saver I discovered quite recently is DosBox. Normally I try to work on the plane but some flights get tiring, so you can only work for some limited time. There's one activity I can do for many hours though - playing computer games. So I installed DosBox and downloaded some old games from Abandonia and The Underdogs, got an extra laptop battery and flying became fun again. It's amazing that most of these games work perfectly in fullscreen with audio and you can slow down your machine to reach the same experience as in the old 486 days :)

Wizardry 7 can certainly entertain for many, many weeks.

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