What are Most Significant Features of NetBeans 5.0?

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As I wrote before, I am now preparing a 25-minutes flash presentation of NetBeans 5.0 beta. I'd like to ask for help from those who use daily builds or Q-builds of 5.0. What do you think are the most significant improvements between NetBeans 4.1 and NetBeans 5.0? Please help me prioritize them - here is my prioritized list:

1. Matisse - for it's free-design paradigm

2. New CVS - for it's intuitivness and integration with projects and refactorings

3. New Plug-in support - both plug-in support and NetBeans platform reborn

4. Editing improvements - code completion, code templates, refactorings, hints, error stripe, drag & drop, etc.

5. UI improvements - no scanning classpath, new Options dialog, project copy/move/delete, top menu on MacOSX, etc.

6. Java EE improvements - JBoss, Weblogic, JSF, Struts, JSP palette, XML improvements, SQL query, J2SE web services, etc.

7. Debugger improvements - ant debugger, run into method, expression evaluator

I will not talk about features which are not available in standard IDE (J2ME, profiling, collaboration,...) - I will just mention them. Did I forget anything important? Would you emphasize any of these? Thanks for your opinion!

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  • pcdinh Wednesday, September 21, 2005
    Here is my list:
    1. Matisse
    2. Editing improvements
    3. New Plug-in support (hope for a big jump for thirty party plugins)
    4. New CVS (Subversion is upcoming)
    5. Java EE improvements
    6. UI improvements
    7. Debugger improvements
  • wayne Wednesday, September 21, 2005
    Does the final version include Profiler?
    My choice: 1. Profiler 2. Matisse 3. Refactoring 4. New CVS 5. New Plug-in support 6. Java EE improvements 7. UI improvements 8. Debugger improvements
  • Bharath Wednesday, September 21, 2005
    I agree with the previous comment - the new refactorings must be at #3 atleast. That's a major feature gap closed (compared to the competition).
  • Roumen Thursday, September 22, 2005
    AFAIK profiler will be available as an extra download. I'd like to focus on only what is available right inside the final version - I know the other features are important but they're used by a smaller part of developers. We should do extra demos for Profiler, J2ME and Developer Collaboration in my opinion.

    I'll add more emphasis on the refactorings. Good point.
  • Joerkey Thursday, September 22, 2005
    What's the Roundtrip for Development:
    1. Checkout the Source -> CVS
    2. Editing with new improvements
    3. New Support free-design UI -> Matisse
    4. Deploy App to Plattform vs. Run/Test -> Profiler,J2EE
    5. Debugging the App. Error's
    6. Other new Features
  • Roumen Thursday, September 22, 2005
    Roundtrip is another approach... I rather wanted to prioritize the list to know what to focus on and how many minutes to spend at each topic, to emphasize the really important features. Also to find out what features should be presented as live demos and for which I can use just speech with slides and screenshots.
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