Two missing features in NetBeans 6.0

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I am sure that NetBeans 6.0 is going to be a very successful release, I have been working with it since first milestones and the editing experience is so much better (productive) than any previous version of NetBeans! However not everything about 6.0 is perfect: due to quite an aggressive schedule some of the old features had to be dropped because they couldn't be rewritten to the new editor infrastructure. The features I miss the most are "Generate JSF pages from Entities" wizard and the Autocomment tool.

As for the "Generate JSF pages from Entities" wizard, there are other ways how to get similar functionality - you can use data binding in JSF visual web designer. Also Ruby on Rails support provides great CRUD generators. I heard that this missing wizard will come back in next release and there are thoughts to make it even more flexible.

As for the autocomment tool, you can use the hints (quick fixes) in NetBeans to generate Javadoc for you. These hints are disabled by default but you can enable them in the Options dialog. They're pretty cool in case you want to have javadoc everywhere, but can be quite annoying if you don't want to document, thus they are switched off by default. This is where you can enable them:

Once you activate these hints just move your caret to the line with method that is missing javadoc. A light bulb appears and you can press Alt-Enter to generate the javadoc. 

Btw you can notice that the branding of NetBeans 6 dailies was changed to RC1 - but it is not real  RC1 yet. We are getting closer to the release though.

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