Quick Tip #9 - Better Responsivenes of Error Marks and Hints

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I've seen in one of the web discussions somebody complaining that NetBeans editor is not enough responsive when errors in code are being marked. Well, there's one option which can make things work much faster:

The magical option is Tools | Options | Editing | Java Sources | Automatic Parsing Delay. It sets how long should the IDE wait before the sources get parsed. The default value is 2000 ms and to make error marks faster I've changed it to 500 ms. Why is the value higher by default? Parsing the sources takes quite a lot of CPU cycles and if it would be too small NetBeans could have performance problems on slower machines. The parsing is activated after defined time of no activity and you certainly don't want to run the parser after every keystroke. You can tweak this option depending on your hardware - if you have a really fast CPU you set a smaller delay and get better responsiveness.

This option influences the following features:

  • speed of marking of red error "X" signs in editor gutter
  • speed of error underlining of lines containing errors
  • speed of error stripe (downloadable from update center)
  • speed of editor hints aka quick fixes (downloadable from update center)

Use this option cautiously and don't complain to me that the IDE takes too much of your CPU if you set the value too low. I will be able to use a short delay because this beauty is now being installed for me.

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  • Wincent Wega Monday, July 11, 2005
    Because of that beauty, I would like to work for Sun too. :-) Just for that beauty.
    Hope you will get really power one, with all those fast memmory, at least 2 GB, two cpus, great SCSI disks.
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