Preparing Demos for the NetBeans Day

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I've started to prepare with my colleague Honza demos for the NetBeans day. We'll be covering two areas, first one will be something like "Getting most of NB 4.1 editor" - less known but useful features in 4.1's editor. The second area will be features of next release of NetBeans, mostly around editor and refactorings and we will show some more of the new GUI builder as well.

We'll be showing these features on development builds, I hope not to get any "blue screens of death". So look forward to our newest and hottest exceptions ;-)

I've recently exchanged e-mails with Rick Ross, the founder of Javalobby, he'll also come and I'm really looking forward to his speech. Javalobby is a great source of information for me and also a place with lots of interesting conversations about Java (even though they often discuss Eclipse :-).

I've heard that there will also be some demos of the Looking Glass project (by Hideya Kawahara - they Looking Glass guy), last time I've tried to install this project on my computer it didn't really work out. Ok, I didn't spend much time with trying to make it work. The screenshots look just awesome, but I still wonder if it's also useful.

So I hope to see you there, I'll need some support, similarly to Scott Mc Nealy I'm quite a shy guy (but nobody thinks so). I hope that the free NetBeans IDE field guides are not only for the visitors, but also for speakers, I would like to get one. So if anybody from marketing is reading my blog... here's a hint for you!

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  • Michel Graciano Thursday, June 9, 2005
    Hi, please post here a link for the presentation, for we see and send a feedback, if possible, before event.
  • Roman Strobl Thursday, June 9, 2005
    That will be hard to do because we won't show any slides :-) All will be live demos. And I would also like to have a few surprises for the people who will come. Maybe I'll post some more info later on, right now we're still in the preparation phase. Keep your fingers crossed!
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