Portugese Localization of NetBeans and More From Brazil...

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Eduardo Costa from the NetBeans community met me in Sao Paolo to discuss the NetBeans localization into Portugese. He has just recently set up a webpage for this project, so if you are interested in joining the efforts, here is the page. It is great to see Bruno Souza involved as well. I noticed that English language is a challenge for quite a lot of people from Brazil so a localized version of NetBeans will be definitely very useful in here.

I enjoyed meeting people from the NetBeans community... it was nice to meet Claudio Miranda and Marcelo Sousa...

From left: Petr Suchomel (NB Mobility), Tim Boudreau (NB Evangelist),
Marcelo Sousa (NB community), Claudio Miranda (NB community), me and Sridhar Reddy (Sun Evangelist)

Marcelo, thanks again for this very special gift ... Marcelo gave me a hand-crafted (!) duke:

I noticed about many people I met in Brazil that they are very friendly and warm. When we arrived with Petr on Tuesday to the venue of the Brasilia NB day, all people were gone for lunch so we were quite lost, but one guy from the Politec company helped us. Although he had nothing to do with the event (he worked for the company which owns the building where NB day was scheduled), he took us to a lunch and we had fun talking about our cultures.

I had this experience many times in Brazil - people seem to be closer to each other than in many other countries which is very nice - the "ice" breaks here very easily. We had several discussions with other evangelists how nice it would be to live in Brazil, at least for a couple of months - it is a very nice country and if you've never been here, you missed a lot!

So I had a great time in Brazil and I leave tomorrow for my next stop: Moscow, Russia. Hope to see you there (James Gosling will come with us so we'll do lots of T-Shirt hurling ;)

Since the weather a bit cloudy today I will work on a new flash demo of the new data persistence support in NetBeans... it's one of the coolest thing about Java EE I've ever seen!

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Comments ( 3 )
  • Eduardo Costa Thursday, April 13, 2006
    Hey, Roumen, thanks for the ad! :)
  • Cesilko Thursday, April 13, 2006
    What a cool t-shirt Claudio is wearing ! :-)
  • Claudio Miranda Friday, April 14, 2006
    Hey Cesiko, Roumen teached me how to spell your nickname, even on Czech is a singular one. he he he Funny time
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