Performance improvements in NetBeans 6.1

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NetBeans 6.1 has much better performance than 6.0 or 6.0.1. A lot of work has been done to make this happen. If you meet anyone from the performance team please buy them a glass of beer (or a jug :). Here are some results of the tests:

\* First startup (cold startup) is about 20% faster over 6.0 with no projects opened
\* First startup (cold startup) is about 40% faster over 6.0 with several projects opened
\* Post-startup work has been reduced by ~50%

The startup speed is still slower than Eclipse's but we are getting close.

What's probably even more interesting is the memory consumption improvements (with 6.0 being worse than Eclipse and 6.1 being better than Eclipse in the basic scenarios):


  Full NB 6.1 NB 6.0 Eclipse 3.3
 After startup & warmup87 MB
140 MB
100 MB
 After create, edit, build, run130 MB
172 MB
133 MB 

Other performance improvements include: 

I/O improvements
- File systems optimizations – e.g. 40% faster refresh
- Less disk touches, e.g. expanding a package on network is about 40% faster
• Visual Web
- Hunt on memory leaks
- Opening pages, adding a table component ~50% faster
• Java editor
- Incremental method parsing
- Faster queries processing for navigator
• JSP editor
- Fixed parser and caching, less disk touches

Do you share the same experience that performance of 6.1 has improved over 6.0?

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