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I am currently using the RC version of OpenSolaris (the new Ubuntu-like distribution of Solaris) on my laptop at work. It still needs some work to match usability of Ubuntu but the progress the Solaris guys have made is staggering. A year ago I couldn't install Solaris at all on my machine and today it runs quite well, although it was quite a challenge to get the network driver to run properly. The performance is pretty good, much better than e.g. Windows Vista and in some cases better than Linux. 

If you want to find out about the new release a very balanced review has been written at Phoronix:


The RC2 image can be downloaded here. Final release is coming very soon!

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  • Kristian Friday, April 25, 2008

    Doing the same right now, but in VirtualBox as I want to see how things work before messing with my "real" hardware and indeed throwing in all the driver issues (WLAN, audio, ...). At least the last SXDE I installed on my notebood did reasonably well here except for that I dearly missed the comfort of, say, an Ubuntu package management... Let's see how this RC does... :)



  • Roman Friday, April 25, 2008

    OpenSolaris includes a new packaging system called IPS. You can do "pkg install netbeans", it's like apt-get. They have a GUI in RC2, too. There is a problem with network driver in VirtualBox. I am sure you'll find a solution if you google for it.

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