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One of the nice things about working at Sun is that you can easily meet interesting people. I went once to the toilet... and there I see James Gosling. How many of you can say that they met James Gosling on a toilet? :-)

Today I met Tim Bray, who is one of the co-authors of XML v. 1.0 specification. And it was not on a toilet, but I had a chance to talk to Tim. I showed him the great features of the NetBeans 5.0 beta and we also spoke about some of the topics which we're both interested in, like scripting languages or blogging.

I share similar opinions about the coolness of scripting languages. Yes, I'd also love to see support for languages like Ruby or PHP in NetBeans. There's a lot of excitement around web frameworks like Ruby on Rails and it would be nice to have good IDE support for them. There are many challenges connected with making a good IDE support, some of them were already exploited with project coyote, which adds scripting support to NetBeans.

I'm also excited about JSR-223 which brings scripting support to the Java platform, I blogged it before. So I'm looking forward to the fruits which this JSR will bring, it can be easier writing of servlets using dynamic languages, powerful unit testing... or frameworks bridging scripting languages and Java platform?

I've been developing web applications in various scripting languages for 5 years before I came to Sun and I'm glad to see people here at Sun start to take them seriously (well I know, static typing is static typing)... Some of the scripting languages seem to be dirty, as some of them started as procedural languages and object support was added during their evolution. Yes, they're not perfect, but who cares if it's the best tool you can get to make some kinds of apps fast and they work? It's about developer productivity.

Anyway, I won't bother you anymore with my affection towards scripting languages, just wanted to say that they should not be neglected, because they do matter. Just investigate which languages and frameworks are in biggest boom... you'll see for yourself.

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  • David Wednesday, September 28, 2005
    Is Project Coyote active still or just in a holding pattern for NB5.0? Seems the mailing list activity has dropped off quite a bit. I'd really love to see a PhP editing tool in NB
  • Roumen Thursday, September 29, 2005
    I don't think PHP is in scope of Coyote project. My impression is that project Coyote is not currently very active, but there are pushes to add support for additional dynamic languages into the IDE, at least from Tim Bray :-) I hope something of this will make it to the plans for next releases.
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