Notes from NetBeans Day in San Francisco

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Here are some random notes from NetBeans day:

  • Live episode of Javaposse from NetBeans day was a lot of fun, I especially enjoyed the Duke Nuk'em plug (let's nuke some old APIs from Java, baby)
  • Matisse is amazing. The developers brought the tool to the new level, I've seen some of the features for the first time and it just rocks. The databinding support and swing application framework makes building desktop Java applications easy and fun. And there's support for centering of components, component duplication and varius improvements based on community feedback! I should record flash demos of the new features - the UI has changed a bit since my last databinding demo.
  • Ruby and JRuby support in NetBeans is becoming mature. There's debugging support now which is almost as good as java debugging. I was impressed by other editing features Tor has shown, again big progress compared to the last demos.
  • The room was packed for the keynote and for the last session with James Gosling (the number of attendees was somewhere between 1000 and 1100 people in one room during the peak times). This makes me wonder how big room we'll need next year!
  • Lots of new features and positive changes in the editor, profiler, debugger - 6.0 is looking pretty good. The feedback I heard today from developers was very positive - so once we stabilize 6.0 for the final release (planned for November), it's going to change again the tools marketplace. Interesting times ahead, but still a lot of work to do on performance and stability of 6.0. But in general developers love the way NetBeans is heading.
  • Adam Myatt plans to write another book about NetBeans, this time about NetBeans 6.0. Apress already had a draft of the cover for the 6.0 book printed at their booth!
  • NetBeans magazine episode III is available.
  • Record a video about NetBeans and post it on youtube. Main prize: The NetBeans.tv guys will deliver the NetBeans CD to you personally. There are some rumours that James Gosling MIGHT deliver the CD personally - and have lunch with the winner, but exact details of the competition are still TBD and will appear on netbeans.org.
  • The best presentation of the day was Bob Beasly's dog show - he had only 7 months of Java experience and was able to develop a web application with Visual Web Pack and Sun Spots to train his dog over the internet. The application lets him to click on command such as "Sit" and "Roll Over" and "Give treat" and once he does that the dog listens to the wav files played at his home and reacts on the command. He used the Sun Spot technology to control a cage whose door opens and the dog can get a treat if it listens. Bob played a video with his dog reacting on the web application and it was so much fun! Here's a piece of schematics for the Sun Spot controlling the cage:

Reports from developers: Edward Ort's Blog, Bjorn Caroll about Community One keynote, Infoworld: Will Sun ever join Eclipse?, Ed Brunette: Sun wows Java crowds with NetBeans 6.0, Philip: Beans Binding Support in NetBeans, Greg Luck about Jonathan Schwartz, Michael Nascimento's feedback on Beans Binding, Felipe's interview with Leonard Galvao, Gregg Sporar's blog entry.

Quote of the day - Jonathan Schwartz: "I call on all Eclipse developers to try NetBeans. You'll have a better day."

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  • Adam Myatt Monday, May 7, 2007
    Roman, Great to see you today at NetBeans Day!! Here's the link to the forthcoming book on Apress's site on NetBeans IDE 6.0, with tentative description/content.
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