New Scala plug-in project started

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Juan Miguel Garcia started a new project to add support for Scala into NetBeans. His goal is to provide similar level of support of Scala as the Ruby plug-ins provide for Ruby language. He even purchased a special domain for this project and started a new website: http://www.scalabeans.com/

Congratulations to Juan and I am hoping that Scala enthusiasts will provide Juan feedback once he publishes his first public releases and perhaps even contribute to the project!

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  • Radosław Holewa Friday, November 23, 2007

    Great !!!

    I can`t wait to see this plug-in :)


  • Michael Nischt Monday, December 3, 2007

    There is another effort going on and it looks like it is even a bit ahead:


    Well, let's see how things go.. for me, 1st class scala-support is really one of the most important RFEs :-)

  • Andy Barlow Tuesday, December 4, 2007


    How would you proceed if you wanted Scala to be a "first-class citizen" in the Netbeans 7.0 IDE?

    Knowing Ruby/Rails and having recently "discovered" Scala/Lift I think Scala could really have some impact over the next couple of years.

    I think Netbeans has an opportunity to be THE Scala IDE and ride the Scala wave, just as I suspect it will be extremely popular in the Ruby/Rails community.

  • Michael Nischt Thursday, December 6, 2007

    How would you proceed if you wanted Scala to be a "first-class citizen" in the Netbeans 7.0 IDE?

    Personally, I would suggest doing it step by step.

    1. Mime-Type and Ant-based Project Template Modules

    2. Syntax Highlighting

    That's basically what I get with Textmate or jEdit (Project and Commando Plug-ins)

    3. Debugger Support

    Jumping to compile errors already works fine in Netbeans with a tweaked Ant-based Java Project. However, uncatched exceptions are a pain to localize.

    4. Indentation Engine

    (could be a simple one in the beginning)

    With 1-4, I would switch to Netbeans

    (when it comes to Scala, of course I use it already for Java)

    5. Code Completion

    6. Code Corrections

    7. More cool features like the new Java Editor or the RoR offer..

    These would probably make Netbeans THE Scala IDE, but I wouldn't mind if the last 3 points would take a year (NB 7.0 Release)

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