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My colleague Lukas Hasik has created a very interesting demo of End-to-end Java ME Web Services (JSR-172). I heard from a couple of people that I have a funny European accent, so if you want to hear a funny European accent on steroids, check out Lukas' demo :) You can also learn a lot from this demo, it's quite comprehensive.

At the same time Ludo and Gregg Murray created a flash for the new jMaki plug-in for NetBeans. JMaki is a neat AJAX framework with prebuilt components, such as the Mac application chooser with zooming icons. Well, somebody should buy a good microphone to these guys... ;)

... and if you still don't have enough you can take a sneak peak on what I'm working on. NetBeans platform, JAX-WS, Java Persistence API and Matisse all in one demo... part 1, part 2 and part 3 (part 4 is TBD - that will be about platform and async WS). I'll make from this a narrated flash Real SoonTM (the draft is silent now), similar to the Javalobby platform presentation. The reason why I'm posting the silent draft here is so that NB enthusiasts can provide me with feedback to make this preso even better!

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  • Lukas Friday, June 16, 2006
    Hey man, I know even Indian accent ;)

    I'm not sure that I get it... - European accent on steroids...
    What it means?

    I like the CDs demo! It's impresive. I can create Java ME part for you - a midlet communicating with the webservice and showing the results on a phone. You could deploy it even on your phone and connect to it online. You know how to contact me ;)
  • Momo Friday, June 16, 2006
    Roman "Flash" Strobl has spoken:

    > a flash for the new jMaki plug-in for NetBeans

    > I'll make from this a narrated flash Real SoonTM

    Flash here and there and everywhere

    Flash-video, Flash-demo, Flash-tutorial... here is another Flash-presentation for you.... has Sun suddenly become a Flash-company? I guess I should forget about Netbeans and Java and use Flash from now on because Sun's employess are doing that too.

    And why doesn't Netbeans support Flash-technology? If all you do is produce Flash-content then NB should support Flash-technology out of the box, right? By the way: Eclipse has tons of Flash-plugins.
  • Roumen Friday, June 16, 2006
    No, Sun has not become a flash company :) It's only great to show the IDE and explain it's features or showcase new technologies. I'd be happy to use applets but the flash screencasting software is further.
  • Roumen Friday, June 16, 2006
    Lukas, yes, let's create a J2ME interface. I'll drop by during next week.
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