NetBeans Truck Vs. Adobe Bus

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Thanks to this blog entry I found out that Adobe had a similar idea as Tim Boudreau. So let's compare the different approaches of Adobe and NetBeans teams:



1. The Adobe bus is definitely flashier (pun intended) :)

2. In reality as a software developer you might need to pay to get a ride with the Adobe bus. Our truck is free and fully open source. You can take a look under the hood (not sure if you would want to do that with Tim's white truck though - our source code is most probably in much better condition than Tim's truck).

3. Adobe bus has planned it's route carefully. Tim is asking developers where he should go and he'll go wherever developers tell him (more or less). We are definitely more spontaneous.

4. We are an underdog if you compare the vehicles, however we've got the community behind us!

5. Adobe has a very cool site for the tour and probably lots of professionals who worked on the website, marketing of the campaign and have staff that takes care of the bus, etc. On contrary we have Tim Boudreau who is doing everything - the website (to be launched soon), writing software to upload images from his web camera, installing his GPS, writing software to upload GPS info, he'll be doing the presentations, driving the truck, repairing the truck, etc. I wouldn't be surprised if Tim would sleep in the truck as well :)

6. Our tour is actually a side effect. Tim bought the truck because he wanted to move himself. In meanwhile he had the idea that it would be fun to do a little US tour and talk to developers. I don't think Adobe's bus was bought to move their employees in the first place :)

7. Our tour will cost much much less than Adobe's. When you can't spend lots of money, you need to be creative and that's when all the fun starts (right, Tim?).

Please support Tim in his endeavours. And wish him luck, his white beast might fall apart anytime!

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