NetBeans Quick Tip #23 - Changing Code in Blue Guarded Blocks

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I noticed that some folks had a hard time finding out how to modify the blue, guarded code generated by Matisse. You can change this code from the Code tab in the component's properties. This winklet shows how to do it for constructors with parameters:

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Comments ( 4 )
  • Tzuto Lin Saturday, March 4, 2006
    Just found that the button in the design mode didn't show an icon corresponding to the modified codes. Is this an issue?
    Anyway, it's a nice demo. Thanks a lot.
  • Roumen Sunday, March 5, 2006
    Well, I chose a bad example :( There is a better way how to add an icon to the button - directly from the properties of the button - and then you can see the icon. The purpose of this winklet was to show how to modify the blue code with any custom code... I should do another winkled about adding images to a button.
  • Roumen Sunday, March 5, 2006
    The preview mode can't understand your custom code - you need to run your application if you want to see the effects of your custom code. Hope that makes it clear.
  • Tzuto Lin Sunday, March 5, 2006
    Thanks Roumen. Yes, it is. Although Matisse is already good enough to make GUI development without any coding, this demo shows further abilities. Good example!
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