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I've played with Issuezilla, our bug tracking software and got interesting and quite surprising numbers for bug fixes in NetBeans:

VersionBugs fixedRelease dateNo. of monthsAvg. bugs/month fixed
NetBeans 4.12932May 2005 (planned)5 months586 bugs/month
NetBeans 4.05001Dec 20048 months625 bugs/month
NetBeans 3.62662Apr 20049 months296 bugs/month
NetBeans 3.51157Jun 20036 months193 bugs/month

The numbers for 4.1 are for current status but there won't be many changes till fcs.

Important are the numbers on the right - average number of bugs fixed per month for each release. Wow, they are increasing, aren't they?

How to explain these numbers? If you would ask our competitors, they would probably say that the numbers of our bugs are increasing so the quality is going down. Ok, guys, thank you for your opinion, but this is clearly not the case. I am confident that quality of 4.1 is high, 4.1 is largely a stabilization release - except for new J2EE modules. We were testing the daily builds for months and they were very stable.

If the quality is good, how come that the number of fixed bugs is increasing? The remaining options are that we are adding lots of new features (we are, look at J2EE and J2ME support) and for other modules we are stabilizing the IDE. The other way to explain increasing number of bugfixes is increased focus on development of the IDE. My take is that it's a mix of these reasons - which is good.

I recently read in several blogs and articles why people should switch from Eclipse to NetBeans. I won't be telling anyone to switch, we are in a opensource space where everybody can hopefully make his own free decision. So I only recommend to take a look at NetBeans, it is improving and if you'll still miss anything, let us know through our mailling lists. We are listening. The competition in Java tools space is good, because the one who benefits from the competition the most is you - the developer.

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