NetBeans Podcast no.1

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Here's my very first podcast about NetBeans:

NetBeans Podcast no.1 (10 min 20 sec, size: 9.9 MB)

And here are the notes with links to pages I talk about:

I am looking forward to your feedback. I might create a special feed just for the mp3s if there's interest.

Update: I added some copylefted "music" to the beginning and to the end of the mp3.

Update no.2: The iTunes-and-similar-software-friendly feed for the podcast is: http://feeds.feedburner.com/netbeanspod.

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Comments ( 10 )
  • Geertjan Thursday, December 29, 2005
    Great podcast -- here, where I am on vacation, I can hear you loud and clear. Hope to hear many more! By the way, here's another platform site, this is the starting point for learning about NetBeans platform and module development, which would be good to publicize (and anyone can contribute to it):

    NetBeans Module & Platform Development Work-in-Progress Page

  • Roumen Thursday, December 29, 2005
    Looks good! Btw, where is it "here"? ;-) I'm now uploading the podcast again with higher volume, I think it was too low before, when I compared it to other podcasts. I wonder if there is some "default" volume which should be used for podcasts.
  • rama Thursday, December 29, 2005
    why not host your podcast on Sun's own servers: http://mediacast.sun.com
  • Roumen Thursday, December 29, 2005
    I can try it, thanks for the tip. Is there some limit on file size, capacity or bandwith? I need to host flash demos as well and this can grow quite a lot, especially when counting bandwith :) I am fine with using my own fast server, there's no extra cost for me.
  • Paris Apostolopoulos Sunday, January 1, 2006
    Netbeans podcast yes we like it!
    Maybe you find the following interesting:
    For free podcasthosting no limit to bandwidth and 200 MB storage
    I use it for my podcast and it really works nice..provides download links and streaming links..just in case you seek something free!
    Well i bet this podcast is going to become popular and in every podcast the Shownotes are equally important to the actuall podcast! So a very flexible solution is the following!
    Keep posting new podcasts here..and write your show notes here..like you did in this one.This site has an rss xml feed..yes it has.
    The head to feeburner www.feedburner.com
    What feedburner does is getting the rss feed from this page and trying to find references for links that direct to .mp3 files (like the one you have).
    When it finds the link it creates a new feed with all the existing data of this page an some new enclosures for the mp3 file (the podcast).
    This new feed can be given to any podcast 'agreegator' like iTunes, Juice so the users can check the podcast through such kind of applications! It is really more flexible comparing to coming to the web page etc etc!
    its free and very very flexible!
    your feed will look like this
    http://feeds.feedburner.com/roumenspod or whatever you choose like!
    Hope it helps!
    Happy new year!
  • Roumen Sunday, January 1, 2006
    Hi Paris, as for the hosting, I have a good server already, but thanks for the tip. I'll take a look at feedburner, I know quite a few podcasts use it. I also created a separate feed for the podcasts on the rights side of the blog. Happy new year to you and everyone else!
  • Paris Apostolopoulos Sunday, January 1, 2006
    It seems that the link on the upper right corner does not lead to a feed that iTunes likes nor Juice!
    Probably because they can not find an appropriate enclosure!
    <enclosure url="" length="35383633" type="audio/mpeg" />
  • Roumen Sunday, January 1, 2006
    It's just a normal RSS feed (like the main one from blog). I need to take a look at it, I'm just new to podcasting and never used iTunes and similar stuff.
  • Paris Apostolopoulos Sunday, January 1, 2006
    No worries! I had the same problems a couple of weeks ago when I started mine. Someone else gave me guidance...and small tips like the feedburner one!
    By the way I am not promoting iTunes.Its just a well known media player- library and lots of people use its podcast agreegator capabilities. There plenty of other software that do the same thing.
    From my little experience having a podcast is really something more interesting than writing to a blog is more exciting! I bet your's will become a success! keep on the good work!
    greetings from greece!
  • Roumen Sunday, January 1, 2006
    I registered at feedburner, the podcast URL is: http://feeds.feedburner.com/netbeanspod. I also changed the link on the right side of my blog. It seems to work with iTunes :)
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