NetBeans Podcast Episode #32 - Interview With Tor Norbye

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We interviewed Tor Norbye about his work on the Ruby support in NetBeans:

NetBeans Podcast Episode #32 (38 min 46 sec, size: 23.3 MB)


  • 0:00 Introduction and Tor's podcasting, he's also a podcaster at the Javaposse
  • 2:30 What Tor has worked on at Sun: Java Studio Creator,Project Semplice,
    and the Ruby tools
  • 5:00 Overview of Ruby features in theNetBeans IDE
  • 7:25 Debugging Ruby
  • 9:50 Rails support
  • 10:51 Switching between Ruby implementations
  • 11:49 Implementation of the type inference and code completion logic
  • 17:10 Implementation of refactoring features
  • 18:54 Features Tor wants to implement next
  • 21:33 Community feedback
  • 23:17 Why should Java developers look at Ruby?
  • 26:38 Other Ruby development tools
  • 29:49 A version of NetBeans IDE that just has Ruby support?
    Check out this page on deadlock
  • 32:16 Opportunities for contributors and cool features; check out the wiki page.
  • 34:55 Support for other dynamic languages.Erlang IDE based
    on Tor's code.

Podcast feedback to: roman dot strobl at sun dot com.

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  • Deepak Saturday, July 21, 2007
    This is regarding a major productivity killer in Netbeans 6 as well previous versions. I cannot see the decompiled version of classes or its members or class hierarchy details.Suppose I add hibernate.jar (any third party library for which source is not available) as my dependency and i don't have its sources. I am unable to see the above details. Is there a way out without adding sources. I have checked NB JAD but not compatible for version 6 :(
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