NetBeans Podcast Episode #25

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NetBeans Podcast Episode #25 (31 min 16 sec, size: 22.5 MB)


  • 0:00 NetBeans 6.0 Milestone 7 has been released! Check out the new features.
    One new feature is automatic reporting of exceptions - check out how they
    respond to those over at Microsoft. :-)
  • 8:31 New install program in the works for NetBeans 6.0. Feedback can be sent to users@nbi.netbeans.org.
  • 12:30 JRuby support now available. Also, check out Project Schliemann.
  • 18:17 NetBeans UML support Beta 3 is now available from the Beta Update Center.
    Also, please fill out the UML team's survey.
  • 21:17 Create a video about your Java ME application and maybe win a prize.
  • 22:27 Interested in the NetBeans Enterprise Pack? We are looking for NetCat participants for the upcoming 5.5.1 Enterprise Pack release. More information
    on what is coming in the 5.5.1 release here.
  • 24:37 Module of the Podcast: vi support.
  • 27:09 Plugin Portal. Stay tuned for more news soon.
  • 27:41 NetBeans Puzzler. If you think you know the answer to the new NetBeans Puzzler, send an email to gregg dot sporar at sun dot com. Put "NetBeans Puzzler" in the subject line. We will announce the winner of the T-Shirt on the next podcast - so send in an entry! Disclaimer: The deadline for this podcast's puzzler entries is Sunday, March 11, 2007 at 11:59 PM Greenwich Mean Time. If more than one correct entry is received then Gregg will draw one winner at random. Sun employees are not eligible, void where prohibited by law, and we cannot send mail to restricted places.

Podcast feedback to: roman dot strobl at sun dot com.

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Comments ( 5 )
  • Sven Reimers Monday, February 26, 2007
    Nice to see progress on UML. Do you anything about UML plans for NetBeans 6??
  • Roumen Monday, February 26, 2007
    Not really. I think they are now busy mainly with bugfixing and improving the UML modules for first release in April. Maybe someone from the team can share more info... I'll try to find out more for the next podcast.
  • Adam Skalny Tuesday, February 27, 2007
    nice podcast, as usual:-)
    You should definitly get Tor Norbye as a guest to your show. It might be interesting to hear something about Java Posse as well as JRuby support in nb :)
  • Kim Pedersen Tuesday, February 27, 2007
    Could you please mention on the next show when the next NetBeans magazine will be out? Does it have a regular schedule or what's the deal with it?
    Great show once again. Looking forward to hearing what Tor has to say.
  • Jess Sightler Thursday, March 1, 2007
    Based upon the described features, this release really can't come soon enough. Eclipse will have a lot of catching up to do to compete with the level of ease-of-use and integration being offered here.
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