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I wanted to sum up the NetBeans day and have found out that Ed Burnette (known member of the Eclipse community) has already done a great job summarizing it. I met Ed on NB day and asked him at the end how did he like it and he said that he saw lots of impressive stuff. Visit his blog to read more about the NetBeans day by the eyes of an Eclipse user:

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Well, it's kind of cool to see the excitment from Ed about NetBeans. Gregg Sporar has a great coverage in his blog as well with lots of links. The Javalobby newsletter has many juicy details about the NetBeans day, I'll add a link when their newsletter is online on their website.

Some additional links here (include pictures): John O'Conner, Tim Bray, Jim Grisanzio and yes we had MaryMary as well :)

Jonathan asked a tough question Rich Green, the VP for software who has just came back to Sun was: "So, are you going to open source Java?" The answer was quite surprisingly for me "Why not?" :) I personally am undecided whether it's a good thing or not. Sun is very much focused on compatibility of Java and it is important for Java that it doesn't get forked or slowed down (both has happened in the past, I could give you names of companies that did it :) Opensourcing of java can cause new challenges. On the other hand I would love to see Java opensourced, because I believe this would increase it's adoption, especially in areas where the license is an issue and it can lead to building an even more thriving community with more contributions. There are many positives and negatives and it is good that this decision is not taken lightly, as the impact is going to be quite huge. Will that happen? As you may know Jonathan says Sun is commited to opensourcing all of Sun's software... so we'll see if/when this is going to happen.

Update from Java One keynote - Rich Green: "Opensourcing of java is not a matter of whether but it's a matter of how. So we'll go do this".

NetBeans day has grown... over 800 people came - I would say almost 1000, some were standing at the back of the room and it looks like we really need a bigger venue next year. There were many people from NetBeans community present and it was great to talk with all of you! :) People from the "other" community like Steve Northover (who doesn't like our NetBeans song), Ed Burnette, Ryiad Kalla and others... NetBeans day has become bigger than just NetBeans. We had many partners on stage - Collabnet, Ricoh, Sprint, Lattix, Maven, Insitech and others. We also announced more than 100 partners are now in the NetBeans partner ecosystem.

I'll be writing more about NetBeans day tomorrow because it's very late now, but there's one thing I would like to share. Tim Boudreau re-recorded my NetBeans song with his electric guitar and his more professional voice. Check this out because it's very cool! :)

Roumen's NetBeans song performed by Tim Boudreau

P.S. We'll publish the NetBeans worldtour movie later, when the guys in Prague will re-render it in lower quality for the web.

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