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If you want to find out about all the cool features in NetBeans 6 and you live in Bangalore (or nearby), come on Friday Oct 19 to Sun Microsystems. The BOJUG meeting will be held at Himalaya room at Sun Microsystems from 6:00 PM - address: Divyashree Chambers, Shantinagar, Bangalore (see map).

In approx. 2 hours I will do many demos of NetBeans 6. Here's the abstract of the presentation:

This presentations provides an overview of features coming in NetBeans
6, which is currently available in beta version. You'll see demos of
NetBeans GUI builder with (codename Matisse) and it's support for Swing
application framework and Beans binding. NetBeans Profiler can be used
to analyze performance bottlenecks and we'll look at practical examples
of using the profiler to solve performance issues. One of the main
focuses of NetBeans 6 was improving the editing experience, so you'll
see various improvements in the code editing area as well. We'll look at
NetBeans' Java EE 5 tools and various features for rapid web application
development, including AJAX support. There is currently a lot of buzz
around Ruby on Rails, so we'll demonstrate how you can use
NetBeans to create Rails applications. You can also discover new
features for Java ME and JavaFX development in NetBeans 6. NetBeans can be easily
extended so at the end of the session you'll see how to start writing
plug-ins for NetBeans.

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Comments ( 3 )
  • Ryan de Laplante Thursday, October 18, 2007

    Hi Roman,

    You should also be showing the version control features in NetBeans 6.0. I was especially impressed with how the editor shows me green, red and blue bars beside lines that have changed. It's like having a life diff as you code. It allows me to delete extra whitespace I added by accident so that it doesn't go into version control, etc. Very cool feature. I find the subversion support in NB 6.0 much better than 5.5.1. It it is much faster. Before I used to have to wait minutes for NetBeans to realize that a check in or check out has already completed.

  • Roman Thursday, October 18, 2007

    Thanks... good suggestions. I always show the diff view at least in the local history window, but you're right the bars in the editor are also neat.

  • Ryan de Laplante Thursday, October 18, 2007

    Also new in NetBeans 6.0 is diff viewing while refactoring. For example, if you rename a method you can see diffs of all the places that will be affected. Also very cool.

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