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Based on Dmitri's suggestion I've tried to run NetBeans 4.1 RC1 on latest JDK 6.0 Mustang build. We are currently testing for compatibility with various versions of JDK 1.4 and 5.0, development versions of JDK 6.0 are not officially supported so I was also interested to see if things work well.

A very good news is that the Gray rectangle bug is fixed. This bug made Java apps look strange, non-natively and less responsive. Great job fixing this! I am not sure if it's only a placebo effect but antialiasing on WinXP with my LCD looks slightly better, too (antialiasing has to be enabled in editing options if you want to try it).

More is coming in the future - check out the section Improved text quality and capabilities. I hear sometimes that our IDE has worse out of box experience due to Swing font rendering, so this will probably no longer be an argument if all these issues get fixed.

There are several other small differences I've mentioned - on JDS the status bar changed colour and looks more natively now. On WinXP the window frames changed slightly and look better. So far I didn't mention any significant problems, only on WinXP two form editor buttons lost their titles - probably due to some font changes. We'll know more during NetBeans 4.2 development cycle when we'll be testing on JDK 6.0 but so far the changes look very good.

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  • p Monday, April 25, 2005
    would be nice if NB 4.0+ would actually work with Mac OS X though.. 3.6 works just fine, but that's the last actual version able to run on Mac. Not that it won't start, it does that and looks nice, but creating, importing, CVS checkout and similar task fail on xml parsing error exceptions so there's no way to even start to code :).
  • Roman Strobl Monday, April 25, 2005
    Please contact me directly about these issues by e-mail, not through this forum. I was testing editor on MacOSX and it worked fine (with two small issues I've filed). So if you have any issues, file them into Issuezilla (the best) or let us know by e-mail. It also strongly depends which version of Java you use on MacOS because the last update from Apple broke quite a lot of things. Please write me more details (full exceptions, JDK version, MacOS version) by e-mail. Thanks.
  • Dmitri Trembovetski Monday, April 25, 2005
    Just to place the bl\^H\^Hfame where it belongs, the gray rect fix was driven by the Swing team (Scott Violet), with some help from AWT and Java2D teams..
    Java2D Team

  • Roman Strobl Monday, April 25, 2005
    Ok, thanks for noticing, I'll fix it in the post.
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