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Development version of NetBeans 6.1 provides new ClearCase support. We created new support for ClearCase because we heard repeatedly from various companies that they won't use NetBeans unless we have good support for this versioning system. The development team is now looking for feedback. If you work in a company that uses ClearCase we'd like you to try the plug-in and get your feedback on the features - what is missing, how are you satisfied with the workflow, how is the quality, etc. If you have any feedback please add a comment to my blog or send it to me by e-mail: roman dot strobl at sun dot com and I will forward it to the developers.

The plug-in is on the update center, so you just need to install the latest daily build and then search for ClearCase in the plug-in manager.

Here's the UI spec:


Here are install instructions:


Thanks for helping us make NetBeans useful for even more developers!

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  • Henrik Lynggaard Friday, February 22, 2008

    Nice to see Netbeans getting ClearCase support, however the dependency on a installed clearcase client is a showstopper where I work.

    As I have understood our situation, we cannot use the "normal" widows client because we are not on a windows domain or something like that, and thus we are only able to access ClearCase via the Remote Client (the eclipse based one).

    This CCRC does not come with commandline tools, so the Netbeans wont work (no cleartool command)

    Please seriously consider getting rid of that requiement...Could it be replaced with Team API http://www.alphaworks.ibm.com/tech/teamapi ?

  • Maros Sandor Saturday, February 23, 2008

    We are and we'll always be (at least in the near future) dependent on the CC installation. It is because there are no free, open-source CC java client implementations that we could bundle. It would be great if you could find or contribute one. Here at Sun we also do not have a Windows domain and still we ARE able to fully access CC server (on Unix) from Linux and Windows, so it should not necessarily be a blocker.

  • Henrik Lynggaard Thursday, March 6, 2008

    Regarding the windows domain, it is only what I have been told I am not a CC expert.

    Couldn't team api be used once it is finished. I looked a bit at it and it is still rough in the edges, so it might not be an immediate option.

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