Last Milestone Of NetBeans 6.0 Is Available

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Milestone 10 of NetBeans 6.0 (M10) is now available for download at


Some of the highlights:

\* New default color scheme and syntax coloring

\* Ruby Debugger enhancements (global vars, watch view, locals view)

\* Redesigned Find / Replace dialog

\* Plugin Manager allows you to distribute groups of IDE components (for
example Ruby, SOA)

\* Integrated Visual Design for Web Applications

\* New, Integrated UI for CLDC/MIDP and CDC development
\* Limited refactoring of GUI forms
\* New keyboard shortcuts (they're supposed to be more logical now)
\* New refactorings - 16 refactorings now available out of the box
\* New directory chooser - easier to use for new NetBeans users

Of course there's much more available:


M10 was the last milestone, we will now be slowly approaching the betas (two betas are planned), rcs and ultimately the final release of NetBeans 6.0. If you want to see what all will be available in 6.0, here's full list of the features in previous milestones.

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Comments ( 7 )
  • Claus Hausberger Monday, July 2, 2007
    awesome. currently downloading.
    do you know if there are any plans to write a plugin for AspectJ ?
    missing AspectJ support and a currently better Spring support are the only things that still keep me using Eclipse for some projects.
    For Ruby, JSF stuff and EJB 3 I now switched completely to Netbeans 6. I also use it
    for JBoss Seam.
  • Jacobus Monday, July 2, 2007
    Great news,

    Just one thing I'm still missing with regard to syntax highlighting is highlighting for inline Java Script (for example, when you put Java Script in your XSL). When Netbeans manages that, I'll be a happy puppy ;-)

    There is also lots of room for improvement on SVG support.

    I'm not complainig... just wishing!
  • Sven Reimers Monday, July 2, 2007
    And where is the download for the platform only distribution? Any hints, perhaps I can't see the forest for the trees ;-)
  • Porfirio Monday, July 2, 2007
    Now that IS one thing Java SHOULD jave native suport for!
    SVG is the next big thing, one thing i love in Qt is that i can specify one SVG from http://www.oxygen-icons.org/ and it uses it either for big or small icons.
    Well even if Java dont comes with it maybe Netbeans guys could have a library for that, for preference, a tiny one
    Would be a great adiction to Matisse
    By the way, M10 is looking great, havent got time yet to mess much arround it but so far so good
  • Jacobus Monday, July 2, 2007

    Porfirio, what's the Qt you are referring to? Quitcktime?

    Glassfish V2 Build53 that ships with Netbeans 6 M 10 does not want to upgrade my Apllication Server 9 Update 1 domain. It throws a null pointer exception if I run 'asupdate' manually. The first line of the stack trace is contains.... isupdatesupported() which throws the error.

    Netbeans 6 M10 won't deploy on Applicatoin Sever 9. Gives MBeans errors of all sorts.

    I'll wait for a beta:-(

  • ericsk's blog Monday, July 2, 2007
    [Trackback] Netbeans 6 正式版前最後一個 milestone 版本了,有志學習 Java 或者是 (J)Ruby 的人,都應該來試試這個強大的 IDE。
    今天看到 Netbeans 6 M10 釋出的消息,很高興就趕快把之前安裝的 M9 及 Daily-build 給移...
  • Porfirio Tuesday, July 3, 2007
    I was talking about http://trolltech.com/products/qt
    Qt is a toolkit for c++ and recently they released Qt Jambi wish is a Qt implementation for Java
    They have a nice designer (well not so nice as matisse lol) http://trolltech.com/products/qt/features/designer
    And you can specify a SVG on a action and use it in toolbar as 22x22 and in menu as 16x16
    Oh and Qt is the toolkit used in http://www.kde.org/
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