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From time to time I need to visit the development update center to get some module. Last time I went there I was quite surprised how many modules are in there! I thought it might be useful to describe the interesting ones (it's not everytime obvious what features are hidden behind their names or even descriptions).

  • Collaboration - this is Developer Collaboration, a set of modules which give you chat and possibility to share your projects with your friends. You can use the free share.java.net service to collaborate using this module. Very practical when you are a member of a bigger development team. It gives you a possibility to remotely edit files on another computer or build the project remotely - powerfull stuff. I've actually prepared a demo of these features but first version was rejected due to sexual harrasment issues (the chat was misused for seduction in the demo). I'll re-record it once I'm a bit more free...
  • Derby Database Support - this is similar to Pointbase support we had in 4.1. Once installed you get a boundled Derby database server you can use for development. You can manage it through Tools | Derby Database.
  • Developing NetBeans - here you can download the whole NetBeans API documentation as javadoc. After installation you can find the zip in your userdir under docs subdirectory. Practical if you are developing NetBeans plug-ins or above NetBeans platform.
  • Editing - here are several code completion providers from Leon Chiver - I haven't tried them yet actually. You can also download the lexer module which is useful if you want to add support for additional languages into the IDE.
  • Infrastructure - the interesting modules are Eclipse and JBuilder importers which help you migrate from these IDEs (from obvious reasons we want to make this very easy :-). Insane is a module which can help you analyse heap for memory leaks. Plus you can find in this category some other internal modules, I don't pretend to understand what these are for.
  • Java - here you can find experimental refactorings, I especially take advantage of copy class (oops now you know that I'm a copy-paste type of programmer). The other ones are useful, too.
  • Task List - a very useful tool I blogged about some time ago.
  • Scripting Support - support for scripting languages - Jython, DynamicJava and Beanshell, all provided by project Coyote (it doesn't bite, don't worry).
  • Testing Tools - these are useful modules which allow you to create UI tests. We use these to develop automated tests for NetBeans. These can be basicly used to automate tests of any Swing application using Jemmy library, so they are not limited to just NetBeans. You can find more details on the testtools webpage.
  • Version Control - this category contains the original VCS support. We're in process of replacing the older versioning system support by a new one, at this moment CVS was rewritten (see my flash demo). The other versionings will be replaced, Subversion and MS Source Safe as first to come.

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  • Michel Graciano Sunday, September 18, 2005

    other one that I think interesting is the Mount module, where I can mount any folder in my filesystem. This is very useful for me, bacause I need manage some folders at CVS that are not visible in project/file view.

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