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There's a lot of buzz in the blogosphere about NetBeans 6. I don't want to provide a boring list of blog entries, but instead choose several ones which I find particularly interesting.

1. A blog entry of an Oracle employee about NetBeans 6

Quote: At first glance, things look pretty nice... So I'm looking forward to playing with it.

2. A blog entry of an IBM employee about Ruby support in NetBeans

Although Patrick finds quite a few cons, he also writes: Quite usable, overall. Hat's off to the NetBeans folks!
I'll probably start using it for one-off-ish Ruby work I do. 

3. Finally a blog entry from Ed Burnette (Eclipse ambassador) who once again compares NetBeans vs. Eclipse

Quote #1: While I’m not switching to NetBeans (or anything else) any time soon, I
do find much to admire in this new release and the philosophy behind
it. I had a hard time coming up with a good word to describe this but
let’s call it: the NetBeans attitude.

Quote #2: Developer mindshare and loyalty is a fickle thing. Through its focus on
one free open source product and one audience, NetBeans v6 may just be
positioned to capture some more mindshare of its own.

Nice to see such comments from people I would not expect to consider NetBeans. Looks like NetBeans is well positioned for further growth :)

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  • James Sunday, September 23, 2007

    Hi Roumen,

    nice to see the 6.0 beta release.

    I've blogged about it here comparing Intellij IDEA and Netbeans:


  • Roumen Sunday, September 23, 2007

    Thanks, interesting post!

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