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Finally, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy has arrived to Prague so I went to see it with my friends. I knew upfront I should not expect much, I read the reviews in other blogs, so I rather didn't expect anything and waited to be pleasantly surprised. Which didn't happen - the movie was just average in my opinion. Maybe if I haven't read the book, which is so amazing or if I didn't see the series from the 70s, I would like the movie more. There were some good things, I liked the Vogons:

A Vogon

... and some of the sceens were very nice (like the factory for building planets), but still, compared to the original series with 6 parts, Artur Dent was just not British enough. It's hard to actually say what was missing, maybe it was the subtle difference in sense of humor... I can't tell, but it was not "it". On the other hand I still had lots of fun, it wasn't boring at all, so it's worth seeing, especially if you've read the book or you like sci-fi comedies/parodies.

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  • Anon Tuesday, June 7, 2005
    "Maybe if I haven't read the book, which is so amazing or if I didn't see the series from the 70s, I would like the movie more."
    Nope. I had read the book so long ago I didn't remember anything from it, and the movie was just not that good. IMO, the director was awful, and it was visible in the actors' faces. The actors just didn't have a clue what to do. The editing of the movie did the final blow as nothing fit together at all. Perhaps the most difficult thing to understand is that so many good jokes were cut, while completely worthless scenes got put in. The result: no one in the theatre laughed, except one girl who obviously would laugh at anything, if she thought it was supposed to be funny. Sigh.
  • K Tuesday, June 7, 2005
    Most films adapted from novels are not that hitting you as the novels did. My point is it is good enough as a film.
  • Roman Strobl Tuesday, June 7, 2005
    Here in Prague it was better, people were laughing. I was also disappointed that some of the very good jokes vere cut. During the part they got hit everytime they got an idea by the whisks, almost everybody was laughing. I don't remember this in the book or the original series.

    About adapted films - look at Lord of the Rings. The book is almost like a bible for some people. Yet I think the 3 movies are very good - it cannot tell all that's in the book, still I liked the movies a lot. Hope they'll do a better job with Douglas next time.
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