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I have been asked more than 100 times how to get a Java / Sun t-shirt, bag, shirt, USB or other things. So I am delighted to let you know that Sun has launched an online shop where you can buy various Sun / Java goodies including flashlights, backpacks... the choice is quite broad!

Visit: http://sunwear.sun.com/

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  • Manish Agrawal Sunday, April 6, 2008

    I am trying to develop a Swing CRUD application that connects to a HSQLDB database. The JSF world has fantastic support for this task - the Table JSF component, CachedRowSet and TableDataProvider. The Swing world has nothing of this sort. You have to write a TableModel, use a jTable etc. This is so clumsy.

    Is it likely that Java Swing will get similar database-friendly capability soon so I can drop SQL tables on Swing display components and easily customize the table layout, easily select the component type of columns, etc.?


  • Laurent Morissette Monday, April 7, 2008

    Hey Roumen :)

    Whats up ?

    I'm wondering, is Paypal a supported payement solution ?

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