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NetBeans is expanding to new developer communities by adding support for various scripting languages. We did Ruby for 6.0 and in 6.1 the Groovy support looks very interesting (see Martin Adamek's blog for details or you can watch the progress on the Groovy tasks page). I plan to demo Groovy support in NetBeans during next week in Cologne so keep your fingers crossed.

The other language whose developer community happens to be very large is PHP. I've been using PHP for many years before Sun so I am quite excited to see it being supported by NetBeans as well (and it will be easier for me to evangelize it - I actually developed a large e-commerce application in PHP). The plug-in is available on the update center of 6.1 or 6.0 (the older version) and it's still rather in it's infancy - sorry no refactoring yet :) However there's one particular feature which I thought was cool - integration of bigmanual into code completion. I switched so many times between the editor (Homesite, Zend, Quanta, ...) to the browser to see the bigmanual... I wish I would have had such a feature back then, it would have been a big timesaver!

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  • Markus Jais Monday, February 4, 2008

    The PHP stuff is really great. It was very helpful when I was editing some Wordpress templates. I am also excited about the Groovy and Scala plugins. The only thing that is still missing is a really good Python IDE. It would be great if Netbeans would include a great Python plugin soon. Then I could use all my favorite languages with Netbeans. Except for C. This will be left for XEmacs. I just can't give that one up completely :-)

  • Roman Strobl Monday, February 4, 2008

    I believe Python is high in the priority list post 6.1 - I've heard it being discussed internally, we also use it in some internal projects so it would make sense.

  • Markus Jais Tuesday, February 5, 2008

    Hi Roman. Great to hear this about Python. I am sure many Python guys would really welcome this.

  • Patrick Kimber Wednesday, February 6, 2008

    python/jython integration - would be wonderful.

  • Miles Friday, February 8, 2008

    Python support would be huge for me as well...

  • dave Wednesday, February 13, 2008

    Python all the way :( something as good as the ruby suport would be kickass :) tor is doing a great job with ruby and the 2 languages share a lot of similarities.

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