Writing NetBeans Modules and Flash Tutorials

I've mentioned Geertjan is preparing a tutorial for writing modules:


Sergiu Funieru opened on the nbusers mailing list the idea that next to written tutorials it would be nice to have flash tutorials for NetBeans. I've actually discussed recently this topic with my colleagues and we believe this is the best way how to teach somebody how to use IDE's features. I'll try to come up with instructions how to prepare good flash demos and tutorials. I've discussed it with John from the documentation team as well and they want to create a page with list of all these flash screencasts.

The bottom line is - we invite you for participation. You don't have to use the speech (although it's better) and the flash doesn't have to be long, but let's share your knowledge and experiences with others. You'll have a good feeling about it, I guarantee, I always have it. Otherwise I would not be preparing these demos in my spare time, would I?... ;-)

For the beginning, why don't you try to play with Wink? We'll need to figure out the publishing process, but I guess just placing the flash into a blog and then linking it from netbeans.org is good for now. Maybe we could prepare some competition for best tutorial as well... another hint for the marketing people (actually this is Vincent Brabant's idea, I've just remembered who came with it).

I use Linux so I am not able to use Wink, but you can use xvidcap, it will output a mpeg file. I did some testing with it and it looks good. I will do some NetBeans demos (in fact today, I have a speech session about NetBeans, and next week at JustJava, the larger Java event in Brazil) to spread the NetBeans usability here in Brazil. Oops, sorry for the marketing stuff. :-D

Posted by Claudio Miranda on červen 09, 2005 at 02:21 odp. CEST #

Great! Maybe this mpeg could be converted into swf and published somewhere on web? Maybe mencoder from mplayer project could do it... let's not call it marketing but spreading the word out ;-)

Posted by Roman Strobl on červen 09, 2005 at 02:44 odp. CEST #

But Wink is working on Linux (for x86)

Posted by vbrabant on červen 10, 2005 at 04:20 dop. CEST #

I second that, I've been using Wink under Linux as well.

Posted by Roman Strobl on červen 10, 2005 at 04:32 dop. CEST #

I come to your blog often to get new NetBeans info. The demos you make are great.

I noticed you used Captivate for a couple and Wink for at least one. On one of the Wink ones you had speech. How did you do that? I downloaded Wink but can't see how to add sound. Seems like it's going to be in the next release.

I prefer the demos with speech because you can focus more on the text in the IDE. I couldn't figure out how to do mine with speach so I used text boxes. The next buttons are annoying so I just tried to time any frame that had a text box so that it would stay open for a reasonable amount of time.

I did a quick demo for a DAO generator I wrote and decided to put up on sourceforge. Small little tool but I thought maybe someone else might find it useful. I mostly do my webapps in NetBeans so if I get a chance I'll try and turn it to a NetBeans module because it'll make things easier for me. But GUI stuff isn't my strong suit and I've never done a nbm. I'll be looking over that tutorial :)

You can check out my demo at http://mdaog.sourceforge.net/demo/

Posted by guest on červen 12, 2005 at 09:52 odp. CEST #

Yes, Wink will support sound in next major release. I've added sound to the demo created in Wink by Flash editor from Macromedia. You can use any flash editor, but Wink generates very huge files, so it's not easy to work with them. Macromedia Captivate is a final solution for me. I agree speech is important, it makes the demos more entertaining and it's easier to learn something.

Nice demo, but could be a bit faster :-) Hope you'll turn the app into a NB module. We're making creating modules easier now, see Geertjan's blog, he writes about this topic.

Posted by Roman Strobl on červen 13, 2005 at 05:55 dop. CEST #

Wink has a linux version, this is great. Thanks.

Posted by Claudio Miranda on červen 13, 2005 at 06:13 dop. CEST #

Wink has evolved now, with a lot of new capabilities! The new Wink 2.0 has sound, multiple shapes, callouts, etc.

Posted by Narayan on duben 14, 2006 at 01:20 dop. CEST #

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